Thursday, May 24, 2012

Georgia Aquarium

My new RS President volunteers at the Aquarium and during the summer she get free tickets on Friday evenings to give out. Us being new in the ward, we luck out with one of the first nights she had available. We got there a little early so we had some time to kill outside beforehand. The aquarium and the Coke Factory share the same lawn and it was such a pretty view. 
The girls were in heaven. And we were so happy to spend time with Ryan. Seems like we hadn't been out as a just the 4 of us in a while. 
Coming from having Sea World passes I wasn't expecting too much. But this aquarium is actually really nice and big. They have a ton of stuff for kids. In almost every exhibit they have places to go "inside" the aquariums. Camryn thought it was the coolest thing. You also get to go "inside" with the penguins with  glass containers around you. 
Very much like Vegas and Sea World they have the tube. But I have NEVER seen a whale shark like this!!! Insane how big this thing was. We spent so much time in here just watching the massive whale sharks and manta-rays swim above us. 
My sweet girl taking it all in.
This is the same tank as the tube, but is just a huge wall  and they had music playing. So Camryn thought it was an appropriate to dance. Even got to slow dance with Dad.

Camryn is still talking about the "quarium" and when we can go back. So we might have to get passes especially since we didn't get to see the beluga whales apparently one is pregnant and very sensitive. Also, the dolphin exhibit was closed and didn't get to see then do their show. It is not Sea World, but I have to say it comes in a good close second to that.


Brenda said...

Can't post enough of my sweet girls. I'll be looking at your blog daily.

Amy said...

Owen would be in complete heaven there. Whale sharks and manta rays??? Are you kidding me? Those things are huge!! Way cool :)