Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Phone Pics

Camryn a little overly excited about her nails. She does not lack personality.
After a walking to the lake, Camryn decided she could share the stroller with Reagan. They were both loving it! This however, was my breaking point and the next day I bought a double stroller.
Practicing her Yoga moves outside. She is very serious about her down-dog. 
Camryn insists on washing Reagan every bath time. Will save me some time in about a year or so when I am not so worried about Reagan drowning every 2 mins.
 Starting to get too hot for clothes around here. But I don't care what anyone is wearing if I get these two asleep at the same time it is heaven on earth, especially since Camryn "doesn't nap."
 Love these Daddy moments-I was cleaning the kitchen and this is what was going on next to me. Could love these moments more.
 Momma date with Reags
Daddy date with Camryn to Panda and Gigi's cupcakes


nikki said...

These are awesome - my personal faves are Ryan playing with the girls and Reagan's down dog!

I miss you!

lauren ann said...

That first pic screams Toddlers and Tiaras... she would win first place FOR SURE:)

Miss all these faces

Karen M. said...

I love the down dog too! But Ryan playing with the girls is a classic! Will I get one of those cupcakes someday? It's nice Camryn got a date with dad to her favorite eats.