Thursday, May 10, 2012

Part 2-Grandma Visit

Getting ready for church with Grandma
Out to dinner at Rice in Old Town Roswell-minus Daddy in Vegas.
Best Friends
Realized I never get pictures of Reagan and Grandma since Camryn is always hogging that time.

Craft-time, Camryn would do these types of projects all day if she could.
Last meal out with at INC, once again in Old Town Roswell-we can't get enough of the shops and food there. 
Killing time means experimenting with lemons and Reagan! Very entertaining.
Camryn had a turning point in her attitude and the way she treats Reagan this afternoon. We all couldn't get over how sweet she was being towards her and how good she was a lunch. Let's hope it sticks for a while. 
Love these sisters.

So fun and so yummy. I still can't believe we don't have one picture of Ryan with his mom or Ryan in any pictures. It looks like I need to bring my camera more and not just rely on his phone all the time like the ol' days-sad but true.
It was beyond fun having Brenda in town we all were spoiled rotten with her attention. Don't know how we are going to manage not seeing her until Christmas.
This girl will be walking by then for sure. Learned how to pull herself up and by the end of the day she was climbing the stairs. She will be a completely different baby when the Smart's see her next. Crazy!

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