Monday, May 7, 2012

Grandma Brenda's Visit

Where do I start. We were so happy to get to have Grandma Brenda in town for a week and have her all to ourselves. She had accidentally chosen a red eye flight over and the good sport was still ready for action once she saw the girls. Camryn specifically thought that Grandma came just for her and no one else. Thankfully we did get to share...a little. We had to squeeze in as much as possible to last us until Christmas, since Brenda and David are moving to Hong Hong in a month.
Checking out "our lake." This has become one of Camryn favorite places to go. 
 Just cute Reags-with a new outfit and headband. Gotta love those thighs.
 Lunch at the Fickle Pickle. Reagan got her hands on my pickle and would not let go of it. She was in heaven. Looks like both our kids can't get enough of them.
 More pickles...and kisses. The weather was fantastic and the food as good as the last time!
 I finally broke down and got a double stroller and it has already changed my life. Because it is so nice to throw both girls in at anytime.  And I also can't go into the store I would normally because it is massive-so plus and minuses but we are all happy about it. 
We did a little antique shopping and just enjoyed walking around Old Roswell. It has become a fast favorite of ours.
Sunday night walk. Nugget would stay out of the street, so in he went. And he was very content with it. Another plus of the double stroller I guess.
If you know Camryn, you know that she wears her hair the same way everyday. Down and with a headband. So it was time to REALLY cut her hair. Made it all one length so that it was heavier on the ends and just below her shoulders. It is so nice having Grandmas that can cut hair. I need to learn.
 Ryan went to Vegas for a trade show and speech, so while he was gone we tackle one of our many projects. Painting our dresser. In Ryan's grubbies, we all got to work. Well, Camryn got to work on a "special piece" for grandma with scraps and old paint. The dresser turned out so well-I'll post pictures soon.
 After she was done painting wood she got busy on her face. She was pretty proud of herself to say the least. 
These are just half the pictures, I will post the rest as soon as they are organized. Because there was more fun to be had.

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Brenda said...

Oh these pictures make me so happy. I wished you would have gotten a picture of us playing "super girls" and working in the yard until Camryn proclaimed, "this is boring". Back to playing princesses.