Monday, March 1, 2010

Part 1 of 3-Grandma & Grandpa

There is something about having your Mom & Dad come and stay with you. And that something is that it is GREAT!
We showed them Torrey Pines. One of our favorite hikes and overlooks of the ocean.
Made sure we stopped at Board N' Brew for some tasty sandwiches and then on to the Scripps Brich Aquarium. Love that Octopus and Jellyfish! Fascinating.
Camryn giving the fish a kiss.
One thing I learn was that the male seahorses have babies and are pregnant most of their lives. Weird and Gross.
Valentines Day-this little girl finally enjoyed a cupcake! Since her Birthday experience wasn't that great we decided to let her have a do over 4 months later.
Her face speaks volumes

I also had to show a picture of the pretty flowers Ryan got me! Boy do I love tulips and my husband. What a great guy that one is! He is my hero, not Phil.

It was so great having a visit from my parents, they are so generous and loving! And can I say Great Grandparents (not actual great grandparents, but you understand)! Camryn was so spoiled with attention and love! I love you both so much! Thanks for making the drive down!


Brenda said...

Nothing captures the joy of being a grandparent better than the smile on your dad's face. Priceless!

nikki said...

Love Mom and Dad coming to visit - the kiddo's get spoiled and you get to feel a little like a kid again. Our parents are so fabulous! I love that Camryn girl.

Post some pics of your trip here soon so I can steal them. Love you!

The Davenports said...

I LOVE your tulips! Something about having fresh flowers in the house makes such a difference. Looks like you had a fun trip with your parents!

Carrie said...

Gorgeous flower arrangement! Tulips are very special, indeed!

So jealous of your Torrey Pines hike! I want to go there! You and your dad both got adorable pictures of Camryn there! She's so cute! Her redo cupcake picture is super cute:)

Amanda said...

Camryn already is a little heart breaker. Seriously... she's probably already betrothed, but hopefully Ethan stands a chance in the future. And grandparents are the best. We wish we lived closer to our parents so Ethan could see them more often.

Amy said...

Mom and Dad are coming to see me this month!! Can't wait. They are so much fun and they love their grandkids so much! I can't wait to live close so that I can get long weekend-type visits. Except I guess we'll have to share them... still awesome! Love the picture of Dad holding Camryn... he is determined! Fun fun!

Nichelle said...

where in the world is the backpackin baby camryn san diego. i love that face! i love when she says "wow," and then willingly goes to bed and falls asleep in 1 second flat. what a good little girl. love you guys!