Thursday, March 4, 2010

Part 3 of 3-The Fish's

Next up...visit with Scott and Kirby! Scott had the whole week off of school so timing couldn't have been better for Ryan. They went a mile a minute! Tennis several times and a round of golf. Ryan was in heaven to have a friend to play with. Too bad for me that Kirby had to work but we were lucky to get her to take off one day so we could hike Camelback together. Nikki and her family have done this a couple times and even took my parents once so we were ready to see what all the fuss was about.

Pre-hike Pic. Ryan wanted to document that he was alive here.
This hike was really cool. Short, like only 3 miles round trip but it is really very steep. This picture doesn't do it justice. The poles are there because it is like rock climbing, so you pretty much have to use them. It got me excited to do Half Dome, but also saw how really scary it will be. However, it will be done without Camryn.
Made it to the top! Ryan carried Camryn the whole way-23 extra pounds including the backpack. Impressive. Doesn't seem that hard but it just took more precision so the baby wouldn't fall out. Probably every person that passed had something to say about how she was doing this hike the right way-being carried. She sure was lucky. But our hard work paid off.
Me with the Kirbster! I am glad we at least got one picture together. Don't worry I was just as freaked out about having her crawl around up there as you are now. Luckily she is not a wanderer.
Scott had planned to do their yard this week, so it was great that he had Ryan to help him out. Well and Camryn.
While I just laid in the sun! They did such a good job though I didn't want to ruin it. We had such a good visit with these guys and so fun to see their house renovations completed! They have done such a good job! They were so generous to let us stay and it was SO fun! And I can't leave out the killer Shoe Party we had in Gilbert! Thanks girls for such a great turnout!
Then it was back to our casa! Camryn was out of control and was so tired but could never fall asleep. Finally we just let her cry and then after like 10 minutes she was silent. We turned around to see this. Hilarious, glad she found a solution...whatever gets her to sleep.


lauren ann said...


Carrie said...

That hike looks real great! I like the photo of Ryan from up top...makes me think my guys would have fun doing it too...they love to think they are rock climbers! On my list! What a treat to have such great friends and getting to visit them!

Amy said...

Camelback, on my list... minus the kids of course.

nikki said...

Camelback - next time with some Motley's and Atherly's. When are they coming here? It's so rude.

You guys are super hikers and Ryan is the king of all stud. I love that pic of Camryn digging in the dirt.

And blanket head! So funny. Cannot tell you how often Carter slept like that when he was her age. Glad it silenced the demon!! Love that demon.

Karen M. said...

The view at the top was definatley worth the scary rock climbing. Dad wants to do Half Dome this year-I will stay at the bottom this time with all the kids-thank you very much! The blanket head made me laugh-what a cute one!

Anonymous said...

i guess it beats timp on your birthday? Erica and Camryn are beautiful as always. you look great too son.
just to let the other blog readers know , i do read the blogs i just have never registered to be able to respond.

Trent & Brooke said...

looks very fun! wish you guys could come visit us!! maybe this summer!??