Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Part 2 of 3-The Watson's

We decided a while ago that we needed to visit my sister, Nikki and her fam in Arizona and do a shoe party while we were there. So we finally had the time and made the drive out shoes in tow. The couple times we had been they were always quick trips and never got to really enjoy the desert. Let's just say that visiting in February (or probably March would be the best) was so nice! We were able to do something you would normally do in the heat of the summer. This little place grew on me to say the least.
But getting to hang out with Nikki's family probably made it all the more better. It is so nice having part of the family together, you are able to spend time together that wouldn't normally happen with the whole family around.
Here is the group. We ate outside this nice mall, listened to live music watched a water show and sat by a fire. Don't mind my daughter's tongue. She is currently at the least photogenic point in her life thus far. Oh and if you haven't tried the gourmet tacos at Rubio's be do so, you'll be happy you did.
Then it was on to Dave and Buster's! What a fun place for a date/following 4 kids around. Camryn was in heaven driving the "cars." Here she is playing her oldest cousin Jake.
Ryan thought that I should try the virtual jump rope because he thought I would be good at it. Boy was he wrong! I think I was the worst out of the whole family! And what do you know Ryan was the best?! I think this was his plan all along. I should also mention that this was the amount of tickets he got for just one turn alone.
Hiking Pinnacle Peak. Such a pretty hike in Scottsdale. Pretty scenery and some amazing houses. And not to mention plenty of Saguaros. This one was probably the prettiest one we had seen. Man those this gross me out when they are all rotted with nasty holes.
Me and my big sissy. I had her friend do my hair while I was there. I love that we got this picture because while there so many people thought we looked so similar. Even Jake's friend said, "Dude, it is so hard to tell which one is your mom and which one is your Aunt." What is your opinion?
I feel like we have so many pictures of Camryn in the backpack but it wouldn't be right if I didn't post this one.
At the top of Pinnacle Peak. It had rained earlier that day and we lucked out with only minor sprinkles the whole hike.
Finally out of the backpack.
After staying with these guys for 5 days we headed down to Tempe and stayed with Kirby and Scott (more on that later). So one of the days I meet back up with Nikki ad Carter at a fun little Railroad park. Where we ate a yummy picnic, rode the train (Camryn had a death grip on me) and watch the kids play on the playground so we could chat. It made me want to have a sister close by so badly! So fun to meet up like that!
We had such a good time staying with these guys. Ryan loved getting to play with Wii with our nephews and having quality time with Carter; Nikki threw an awesome shoe party that was so much fun; And Nugget learn that if we ever give him up he will have a great second home. Thanks so much Watson's for showing us a good time!


Carrie said...

What a fun post! I do think you guys are looking a lot alike - especially with the new haircut! I love it! I have a bagillion pictures of babies in backpacks too - but they just end up being so cute! It is a great one:)

We need to take some road trips....So. Cal and Arizona!

lauren ann said...

Looks like a great time... Love Camryn's tongue, would love to see some live footage of the virtual jump rope, and never knew you had a clone. Good times and I can't wait to see pics of your Fish trip.

Amy said...

Ok, I was jealous when I heard you got to spend some time at the Watson's but now after reading this post.... MAN!! My opinion on the look-a-like picture, you both look way too cute to be hiking. Erica, love the hair! Maybe I'll take a trip out there for my hair too :) Love the back pack pic too, that girly sure is sweet, didn't like the train huh?

Chase and Nichole said...

I am so glad you guys get to enjoy some quality family time together, that is what its all about! That cactus was amazing, maybe that is the one they make Cactus Coolers out of. He he. Um I really don't think you and your sister look that much alike, you do, but I could still tell you apart. And I am glad you had fun with the grandparents in town. I remember I got to go to Board N Brew once with Julie and her mom, it was so yummy! And yes that was the famous Jeni in my post that loves to blog stock you! As far as my flight home went, I think it was just my physical condition with my neck. My neurosurgeon warned me not to go and I did not listen, so I stressed myself out way too much trying to chase B all over the airport, carry her on my hip and all our luggage. Just a nightmare!

Carrie said...

p.s. Rubios is awesome! But I love their regular fish taco with lime squeezed on top and extra of their yummy salsa too! What kind of gourmet did you have? We haven't gone there for a long time - but on Tuesday's they have tacos for a buck and a quarter! :)

Karen M. said...

Oh look at my cute daughters together! How great that you were able to spend quality sister time. Camryn is not unphotogenic! The backpack picture is evidence enough-tongue and all! I'm glad to hear the cactus creep you out too!