Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why are Kids SO Weird?!

I apologize in advance for the quality of these photos as there were taken in the moment and could not be recreated.
Why do they feel it is necessary to organize their necklaces like this just so they can mess them back up again?
And then insist on their puppy wearing them?
What makes a kid think that taking all of Dad's shoes off the racks and laying them here would be fun?
Or pulling all of Grandma's baking goods onto the floor?
And that making a tower out of them could be so fulfilling
And what makes them beg to eat a whole orange bell pepper and think it is the best thing they have ever had?
And why when they put themselves in timeout it is fun and they love to shake their finger no-no but when you do it they hate it?
And where do they come up with feeding the brand new Easter Bunny, my mom got her, frosting?
And making sure that they have a bag and bunny in hand while "leaving" saying buh-bye?
And also that their new friend is all wrapped up for nigh-nigh time as they pat it, rock it and gives it a pacifier?
I am assuming that most kids are this weird...because I do not teach her these things! So they must all come down here with their own "special" ideas. Right?


nikki said...

This is called having a toddler/almost 18 month old. It's what they do, promise.

I love every second of her craziness!

Brenda said...

Weird? No. Funny? Yes. Love her!

Carrie said...

Totally. Love the organizing necklaces though:) We've organized other things like blocks by color but the necklaces is a new touch for me:) And the bag is funny too(though when I was little I insisted on bringing my bad and dolly every where) so she can't be all that wierd! :)

Amy said...

The title of this post should not be "why are kids so weird" but "why are kids so CUTE!" and funny :) Love all those pictures, just chalk it up to a creative and imaginative personality. Those are all good things. Love that little one.

lauren ann said...

priceless.... She is one busy little thang. So cute. Who needs toys with all that creativity going on.

lauren ann said...
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Krissy said...

Just wait until they start saying weird things too. Brea's baby's name is Taco. And her latest thing she says to me when she doesn't want to do something is "you're not my mother!" Sorry, Brea, I AM your mother and you DO have to clean up the chapstick you rubbed all over the bathroom.

Karen M. said...

I love the weirdness! Kids are so darn funny and unpredictable! I love that she wanted to put the bunny to bed with blankie and pacifier too. What a cute one!

Brittany Simmons said...

yes Jack lines up all his cars and does other weird things.....but did she really stack those things in the kitchen by herself? pretty smart to know put the light stuff ontop