Sunday, March 28, 2010

Zoo Passes Expiring Soon...Sad Day

With our passes expiring in a month we thought we would hit up the Zoo one last time! Well at least until we know where we will be the rest of the year. We picked such a great day! We thought we would try and see some of the things we hadn't yet. Crazy that that is possible.
Camryn and I on the Skyfari. Our 2nd time, Ryan's 1st. But this was the first time that Camryn liked it. She kept saying Ca-Ca because we were like birds.

They just reopened the Polar Bear Exhibit and the polar bears were excited about it! Well either that or they were so hot that they could only survive in the water. Either way your kids will enjoy this video or your inner-child.
This guy was showing off and I was excited to see it so close up. So weird that this is what it does when it is threatened but I guess it gets everyone's attention. Don't you wish human's did something cool like this?
After finally finding the tiger. (Yes, we have tried on multiple occasions and always got lost. It was worth the hunt though) We watched the Sea Lion show. It was a nice change in pace and we had perfect seats for all the action. Camryn sat still the whole time. We have been wanting to go to Sea World for a while and it was nice to get our fix in. After we left I mentioned that Ryan was in no pictures...he said about time. So I am glad I could make an appearance for the both of us! We all love the Zoo so much, let's hope we will be around so we can renew our passes! Sad that Camryn will never remember this stuff!


nikki said...

Oh that baby girl's shoulders! I know, I'm so weird. I love that the pictures are of you this time - such cute hair! I love going to the zoo, doesn't matter which one it is. But SD is seriously the best.

Carrie said...

Zoos are so much fun! I don't think I've ever been to the SD Zoo. Love being outside and seeing cool stuff and being with family! Cute girls!

Karen M. said...

That is sad that she won't remember the specifics of your trip but I think she will grow up loving all animals and birds with her early exposure to them. We should put this on our list of things to do when we are together camping this August (if we aren't too smelly!). I love the little shoulders too. Maybe you could give them a little pinch for me!

Pew Family said...

I wish we lived closer to you guys because I know that our kids would be the best of friends. They're 2 of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen! She is seriously gorgeous! And so are her parents!

Amy said...

Bottom line is that you just CAN'T leave So Cal!!!!!!!! Think of all these fun passes that we BOTH could have and do together. I know, I know, I'm selfish.

Love the pics of you and your girl. Love Camryn's shirt, where did it come from? Love the Zoo and love you too!

Tim + Katie said...

Sounds like fun. I wish we could have made it down to San Diego on Saturday to hang out. Tim is a slave to work lately.