Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Blue Ridge Apple Farm

The weather has officially cooled down and we are obsessed! So Saturday we headed to the mountains to go apple picking. It was about an hour and half away but it was worth it. Such a beautiful farm amazing apples and the biggest store full of goodies you've ever seen. 
$10 for a bag and you ride a tractor out to the orchards. Camryn was thrilled to say the least.

Reagan was not thrilled about the Ergo. Haven't quite figured out how babies like that thing. 
Super dad holding both kiddos.

One of the biggest ones-all the good ones were at the top and lucky she was all about be hoisted up.
Ryan got his workout but he loved seeing how excited she'd get. 

Love this picture of these twiners.
Happy to be out of the Ergo and picking up all the apples that had fallen. 

Some of my favorites- Braeburns

These Red Romes-were so red and pretty. So cool that this farm had so many varieties of apples. Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Cameos, Fuji, JonesGold, Pink Lady's (not in season) and the ones I already mentioned

Tired cuddly girls by the end and Camryn-freaked out from the yellow jackets all over the place.
I hope to get to do this again! Now onto many apple desserts!


nikki said...

Hey fun! We did this last year but of course I never posted the pictures cuz that's how I roll. What a good fall day - you guys all look so cute.

Brenda said...

Fantastic pictures! But with models like that, any picture is great. I love that Camryn went apple picking in her skirt.

Carrie said...

What a cute day! And love that you are having such great weather:) I love your fun posts!

Whitney said...

How fun, I am jealous of your fall weather. It still feels like summer here and I am so over it. Your hair looks great also!