Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kennesaw Mountain

I love my morning walks but I can get sick of doing the same routes every time. So we headed to Kennesaw Mountain which is only 10 min away. Camryn was so happy with her hiking clothes and insisted on wearing her new running shoes with white socks folded down.

 I was just happy she wanted to wear her new shoes and a ponytail-which is rare!
 She hiked and ran most the way with a few breaks in the stroller. She is so cute about wanted to exercise and get strong muscles. Let's just say hiking a hill with both kids in a stroller better give me strong muscles!
 One of many meadows with deer that we spotted. These were old battlefields. And a poser.

 The trail was so pretty and the weather was fantastic! Love that my girls are really enjoying the outdoors.
Finally was let out at the end and so happy about it. She wants to be big like Camryn so bad! And she can hike with the rest of em'-Reagan is so coordinated-in ways Camryn never was. We will be back and explore more of the trails of this beautiful Mountain.


Karen M. said...

This place looks so pretty-I love that your girls are enjoying the outdoors especially Camryn. Who knew that a pair of shoes could change her outlook on being in the outdoors exercising?

MediocreMama said...

You really should read Gone With the Wind if you haven't...most of it takes place in Atlanta and I would die to LIVE THERE and know some of the places it refers to. So dreamy. I love where you live. Your girls are darling.

Brenda said...

Reagan is your outdoor baby isn't she? And I'm with your mom, who knew that a pair of tennis shoes could transform a little girl, or at least give her a brighter outlook on getting outdoors? Then again, a new pair of shoes can certainly brighten my outlook on life :)