Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall is Upon Us.

Views from my morning walk-such a pretty neighborhood. 
The girls favorite part is the "forest" or the nature walk-where I let them out of the stroller to explore for a bit. It was a good day for them since I let them stay in their jammies. 
Later that day I stopped at McDonald's for a drink.  Camryn had been complaining about being hungry- so I got her a hamburger. She hasn't experienced the drive thru many times and doesn't understand how you can actually get food from a person in a window. She was beside herself with excitement! Now I wonder what she would have thought if I got a Happy Meal. I love that this is such a novel thing. Now if only we can keep it that way. 
Then we did some fall leaf rubbings. Ryan had flattened some out previously and then we collected some more. We had fun doing them and just being outside when it wasn't blazing hot!

Camryn had been up late the night before and fell asleep in the car. Thankfully I saw her fall asleep because otherwise I would have thought she was dead. It was so creepy-she didn't move from this spot for over 45 min while the car was parked in the garage. I literally checked on her 5 times because it was freaking me out. Blue lips from a ring pop didn't help. 
Movie Night tradition has stuck. Which includes a walk to the gas station for a treat and then blankets and popcorn on the ground for a movie Camryn picks out. 
  I love this little daddy-daugther relationship so bad!
I finally have a child that wants to play in puddles! She was obsessed. After the rain it cleared up and was so nice so Camryn and I watched and took pictures while Reagan had a hay-day!
 Her face kills me!
 Then Camryn wanted in by on wheels of course and Reagan chased her on foot-pants off and all she was soaked! We probably need some rain clothes for this girl.
 She doesn't stop moving and is always carrying things way bigger than she is-so motivated. Cracks us up daily. I can't get enough of this weather!


Carrie said...

Your neighborhood and fall time are awesome! Lucky you!

Brenda said...

I want to be your child! The drive thru story is so funny. I'm proud of you for making a McDonalds stop novel. Good mommy. Post a picture of her first happy meal....guessing it will blow her mind!

Karen M. said...

I love that little busybody! She seems so confident for not having been a walker long. Camryn's looking like she needs a 4th birthday!