Thursday, September 27, 2012

Zoo Atlanta

I bought tickets to the Zoo quite awhile ago but with the heat it never sounded enjoyable. So with the heat down and Ryan around on Saturday we hit it up. I have heard mixed reviews about the zoo, but we really liked it. 
 Feeding the Parakeets. Camryn loved it but yes was a little scared once it was right by her-same with Reagan. A little like the Wild Animal Park how you can fed the Lorikeets nectar.
 Finally seeing the Pandas that she wanted to see the moment we got there. Lucky for us they were awake, eating and rolling around all over the place. Of course Camryn has her purse and this time full of snacks for the family. Such a good mom.
 Can't decide which is cuter her hair, shoes or the fact that she is on tipping toes looking in.
 Lucky girl got to ride the carousel and all by herself this time. The girl is officially tall.
And just like her sister loved watching it and the idea of riding but way too scared to do it. What is with my girls at this age. But then again I am grateful I didn't have to buy two tickets. We will be back for sure. 


Brenda said...

I loved the pictures. Keep on posting!

Karen M. said...

Your girls make me laugh!