Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Taking Advantage

With this beautiful weather we are having we are trying to take advantage of every bit of it! Sunday between conference we went to Kennesaw Mountain for a stroll that ended in a hike. Why does that always happen? 
 Pretty views of the city real tiny in the distance.
These girls are really starting to love hiking! 
 After seeing Reagan in her gold sparkling Tom's trying to hike in the dirt-I decided it was time for some tennis shoes of her own. I love them on her-blue and neon green are so much cuter than butterflies and sparkles. She loves them too.
The girls love running the hills by the lake and good thing cause there were no ducks or geese to feed. 
Her hair is getting so long! And her many faces kill me!
 Thursday we went soto "camping." Some friends of ours got a campsite but it was only available on school/work night. So we came made tin foil dinners, let the kids throw rocks, made S'mores and then came home when we were tired and had enough of the dirt and smoke. Perfect camping if you ask me.
 My kids are cute-fall here is heaven. The end.


Karen M. said...

You're right on all accounts! I wish it would be fall here too. Miss those cute faces!

Brenda said...

Reagan's face made me laugh. And you are so right, cool athletic shoes are totally here....leave the sparkly butterflies for her sister :)