Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day and Birthday Weekend

For my birthday all I wanted was a girls night. I have not had a GNO in a good 6 months. Ever since we have moved here. It was so nice to get out, talk as much as we wanted and not have to worry about babysitters or kids. We went to INC for dinner and ended up talking and eating well into the movie we were going to see. Sometimes I think that is better. We rarely get out like this and we all needed it. The food and drinks were delicious-Pineapple water and DC.

Then Thursday it was on to watching these kiddos. Five kids under the age of five. From oldest to youngest in this picture. 5,4,3,3 and 1. Talk about wild adventure. Thursday and Friday I had them on my own-which meant putting them all to bed on my own. This was at about 6:45. All bathed with cleaned jammies on and teeth brushed. All the kids were in bed by 7:30. I was pretty proud of myself. Being a single mom would be awful!
Friday was my birthday, so the McGrath's came up and we did take out pizza and Blue Bell ice cream for the kids-that stuff is the best.  Maya was in heaven with her big kid ice cream-such a cute group of kiddies-again Camryn with the tongue.
And a NBC for the adults! My favorite, another great surprise from Ryan-who almost stuck to his promise of not getting me anything.
With Ryan now there to help we were able to take the kids to a nearby waterpark. Just a small little thing that was perfect for these kids ages. 
 We all had so much fun. Look at those smiles. And that sky! Reagan loves her independence when the pool is a beach entry. And she was obsessed with going down the slide. Even Camryn loved it which is a big deal for her non-daredevil personality.

Ryan took both Camryn and Rowan under the big bucket a few times and made them love it! So funny to watch them cling to him. 

We wore them and ourselves out. A perfect way to end the summer and say goodbye to pools and waterparks-still think that is lame!
After Sunday with the the Dunning kids, Kristy came home and we were off the hook for Labor Day. All in all it was really fun watching so many kids-my kids loved it-but there was a LOT of poop! 
So Monday we laid low with a picnic in the backyard, walk to the gas station and a movie in 3D! We ordered Lorax On Demand and the girls were in heaven with their glasses and treat bowls. 
Who am I kidding we were all in heaven. Such a fun stay in kind of day. 
Reagan kills this look! We'll be doing this more often.


nikki said...

I love this post - look how much fun you are having! I am impressed with your mom skills. Oh and GNO!!! I think I totally forgot what that was because no one in Maryland has ever heard of such a thing. Oh yeah and Blue Bell. Seriously the best ice cream ever - we first fell in love with it when we lived in Dallas. Gotta love the South! Hey so I love you and glad you had a great birthday.

Brenda said...

You look amazing in that bathing suit shot. Reagan and the binkie is my favorite. Still can't believe you watched three kids on top of your own. You are the friend everyone wants!

Karen M. said...

I'm surprised Nikki didn't compare that park to the Anthem one-they look very similar and so fun! Reagan with the glasses and binkie is the best!

MediocreMama said...

Love your suit -- you have the most gorgeous body. And you're really nice so it's hard to hate you for it...cute pics!