Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Fun

 Friday night we went out with the McGrath's and Steele's to Figo in Vinings. I finally got Italian food-since it wasn't Ryan's pick. But he ended up liking is Maine Lobster Ravioli. Such a cute restaurant and town. And these girls are pretty cute too. 
She sure knows how to pull of Leopard. 
And across the street was CamiCakes. Not my favorite but this Cami loves any cupcake. 
 Saturday my cute neighbor had a birthday party for their little boy Connor's 2nd Bday. She had the cutest party-so Pinterest worthy and she isn't even Mormon. Love this neighbor so much. And of course Camryn was the only girl and with a pink car!
 Brenda just sent this dress in the mail. So cute on her coloring. She looks like Kate Middleton here to me. Turning into such a pretty girl not a cute baby any longer. 
 And we can't keep this one inside the house. Ryan took her outside during the last hour of church after roaming the halls. She is in her element in the dirt. But still so darling! Look at that face.
 While teaching Camryn's sunbeam class I had to sneak a picture because these kids crack me up. Too bad it doesn't capture how good they all sit. And Camryn sits with her legs crossed and seems like she is 11 years old. Though I don't love teaching in primary-these kids are so dang cute-you can't not love them. 

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Karen M. said...

These pictures make me smile! What little sweethearts-melts my heart! Don't let Camryn grow up, ok?