Monday, September 24, 2012

The Daily

These girls sure know how to melt my heart!
One night while Ryan was gone Camryn and decided to play with Reagan's hair after she was fresh from the bath. This little face kills me and then picture her walking around like this naked! Way too cute for words.
We have been walking in the morning a lot lately now that it has cooled down so much. Camryn is always bummed she doesn't have running shoes so she can exercise. So I couldn't resist giving her an early Birthday present-she thought she was so fast with these babies on. So funny. She actually didn't want her present early and said she wanted to wait until her party so she could have lots of presents to open but by the end of the day-she caved. 
Another afternoon Camryn and I were doing crafts and I looked up and saw a glimpse into Camryn's future. I love these moments. Where you can see them in 10 years in the same spot just an older version of themselves. Just looking busy doing homework laying on her bed. Too much for me to handle sometimes.

Had to capture Reagan sitting and cuddling for a minute too since she wasn't feeling well. You feel awful to say it but it is kind of nice when your kids are sick every now and again just for the mere fact of not moving so much and will finally let you hold them.
The daily grind can be burdensome and not pleasant but these moments make it worth it.


Carrie said...

Oh I so agree about the kids being sick! And I always feel so guilty..but they are so cute and cuddly and they sleep so good. In the crazies of life, I like forced chill times like being sick or lots of rain. Love your cute girls and your cute posts!

Karen M. said...

Love that cute pixie face! Camryn has gotten way too old-love her reasoning skills!

Brenda said...

I never thought I'd see Camryn in tennis shoes...more like her Aunt Lindsey, preferring fashion shoes. Reagan is sporting her after bath hair with pride. Cute little pumpkins.