Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cagle's Dairy Farm

For my first week of teaching preschool we learned about farm animals and so for a field trip the next day we went to a local farm. Yes, Cagle's-sounds awful to me but the staff kept saying it like no big deal. Us moms got a kick out of it. It was a pretty legit farm out in the real countryside.
We got to watch them milk Miss Rosie and call her out of the barn. Much more efficient with a machine.
They let the kids put their hands on the suctions to see what it felt like-they thought it was pretty cool!

Then we took a hayride-Reagan would not sit down to save her life. 
Enjoying the country and fall smell in the air.
 Me and my babe-yes that is the Bjorn still hates to be on my back, so instead my back will hurt and she will be happy facing forward.
They would stop the tractor and let the dog off and have her herd the sheep and goats in one area-this spot was beautiful near this little lake. 
 Then did the same with the cows up to the hayride so we could see them up close. My girls hated this! But I thought it was so cool watching a dog control such big animals and they were actually scared of the dog.
 Then the kids got to fed the barn animals-pigs, calves, goats, chickens, roosters, and ducks all with corn leaves-I was surprised. Camryn would brave the pig but not the goats or calves. 
 After the tour we enjoyed a picnic and this fun Jumpee Pillow. Camryn's hair is amazing in this picture. The kids were obsessed and I actually had fun on it too. Such a perfect settling and weather for a day at the farm. 
 I love when it starts feeling like the fall!


Brenda said...

What an educational preschool class! I can't believe you found a place where they allowed the children to feed the animals. The children will always remember this. Well done. Camryn looks like she should be in a commercial with that flowing hair. I LOVE the color!

Karen M. said...

Great idea for all! It cracks me up at what your girls will do and won't do-no rhyme or reason! Except the goats-all stay away from them!