Monday, April 16, 2012

Settling In

This is just a random post of what went on the week before Easter. 
Tried sponge rollers in Camryn's hair. Best picture I could get but it turned out so cute and were only in for a few hours.
We did an Easter craft everyday to get ready for the big day. And yes, she is going through a naked/jamies phase-so she looks a little white trash, guess this is normal?
FHE-we learned about what the different color jelly beans stand for. All after the really meaning of Easter.
Then made a bracelet-obsessed but did save it for a whole day before eating it.

This little one is getting good at moving but not so much with her sense of direction.
Day 2 craft

Day 3-Felt Easter egg that she could keep playing with and changing the pattern.

Day 4
Day 5-her all time favorite. She did this almost all on her own. And she knew exactly what to do since she watches cake making tutorials daily on you tube. It turned out so cute and she was so proud.
And Reagan was so proud that she could pick food up with her hands that now this is the only way she wants to eat. Isn't this what 1 year olds do? Not 7 month olds.
Day 6-kids love doing this and they look so cute but the hard boiled eggs never turn out and get so messy when they are hidden outside-so they end up in the trash. 
Another project we did this week. This organizer makes me so happy. Now all her small toys have their own space. Let's just hope it stays like this.
And a project for me! So happy with the way they turned out. I just need a little more color in the kitchen and didn't want to have to paint all the barstools. I love a project that is $5 and an hour to do.

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Karen M. said...

Such cute Easter projects! It looks like Camryn is about as happy as one could be with so many fun things to do. She's learning from mom-your projects are very good too! Love the nakedness!