Tuesday, April 3, 2012


 Greg and Lindsey came back in town our last weekend in San Diego. I love any chance to have her do my hair.
Us girls were able to spend a whole Saturday together shopping, planning craft projects and even got Cafe Rio for one last time.
Sure going to miss these two, it has been so nice seeing them so much from Arizona.
 Can't even express how much we have loved staying here and having some extra time with Ryan's parents. Especially for Camryn and her love for her Grandma Brenda and Papa. At least we get to see Brenda in a month but it is a big change from the every week or so.
Board n Brew. Best sandwiches ever. We are sure to have withdrawals. And we need to find these Turbos for Ryan in GA, otherwise we may have serious problems.
 Urban Plate with the Foulgers, too bad we couldn't get a picture together. Camryn was at her finest:) so that didn't happen.
In n Out! Reagan on my lap in the drive thru since Camryn was asleep.
She was hungry too, but distracted by dad driving and soda cups. Cutest upside down face. 
 Lauren met up with us to say our last goodbye while we ate. Going to miss this sweet family that we got so close to, they are living the dream in Carlsbad. Hopefully we'll make it back to visit soon.
 Then Amy and Mike had us over for yummy dinner and the cousins got to play. We don't know what we are going to do without cousins and my sister to play and rely on.
Best and worst cousin buddies. 
 These two get a kick out of each other. Owen is so sweet to all these girls.
 Sisters with our pzookies!
 This is more like it. I have absolutely loved being to close to Amy. Crafting, watching each other kids and just spending time together. One amazing sister, wish we could always live near by! We had such a good 3 weeks in San Diego! Now it is off to Georgia!


Kathy said...

You are making me homesick for San Diego.

Brenda said...

Great pictures and great memories. I'll be looking at this page often. Thanks for posting.