Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brief Moments

I would love to say that my two girls get along like best friends all the time. But in fact it is the opposite. Reagan loves her big sister more than most things, but Camryn's love towards her let's call it inconsistent. So when Camryn is great with Reagan it is a big todo. And almost always has to be captured by camera otherwise we forget that they happen.
They love to take baths together. Camryn can make Reagan laugh harder than anyone else and Camryn loves to wash Reagan. It is so fun for them now that Reagan can sit up in the bath without falling over. Now if I could only prevent her from trying to crawl so we could prevent drowning a little more I'd really be happy. One thing at a time.
Camryn throws a fit every time we go to the grocery store and Reagan gets to sit in the small part of the cart. Well Home Depot was genius yet again and this solved the problem. 
 Ryan and I mentioned that we sometimes forget that they are sisters because they are usually always separate. But then I see this and I get excited for the future. 
This was also just a random time but Camryn simply asked for me to take a picture of her holding Reagan. Simple but a big deal for us. Here is to hoping everyday they will get closer and closer and we will be seeing more of them together.


Brenda said...

Two little beauties. Camryn will come around...Reagan will slowly win her over. How can you not love that face?!?

Karen M. said...

They look so cute smiling together! Reagan is such a big girl to sit up in the bathtub now. I wish her laughing came with the picture (and Camryn making it happen)!