Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Sunday

We had an actual Easter Bunny in our backyard. Camryn was so excited.
She went to her new primary class and got spoiled by her new teacher with a bag of goodies. Nothing makes her happier. Then we cam home from church and the Easter Bunny left baskets with fun things for the girls. 
I am obsessed with this picture of Ryan and Camryn. So good. If you know Camryn, you know how hard it is to capture her cute smile on camera. 
Then it was time for the hunt. The Easter Bunny had a hay-day in our new backyard and so did Camryn, she loved it and got every last one.

I loved my matching girls. So fun to have two girls for times like these.

Cutest, sweetest baby face

 After I burned the bread, ruined the carrot cake and almost had a house fire we ended up with these easy Easter treats and stuffed flank steak. We were lucky everything was fine and so grateful to have our friends the McGrath over who were here looking for a house.
Happy Easter!


Brenda said...

You cannot post enough family pictures. I live for these.

MediocreMama said...

Cute outfits! Makes me excited. Finally.

And dinner looks magnificent. Where did you get the recipe? Tod would love that.

Karen M. said...

I love the picture of Ryan and Camryn too! But the one of you and Reagan is pretty darn cute as well-good looking family!