Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Visitors!

I was so happy that our friends Scott and Kirby and their cute little boy Beckett could come out to visit! They live in Charlotte and will be moving to SF in a few weeks so are timing had to work out. And we are so glad it did. It was awesome taking a break from settling in and doing projects to get out and explore. 
Old Town Roswell has the coolest shops, restaurants  and atmosphere. Here we ate that the Fickle Pickle-most unique sandwiches and so so good! Fried Green Tomato sandwich and fried pickles. Doesn't get more Southern than that.
Oli + Ve was this olive oil tasting store. So fun to try a million different yummy flavors and vinegars.
Trying Raspberry balsamic vinegar on ice cream...who knew?
Next we drove down to Piedmont Park-which is like the Central Park of Atlanta. We saw just a sliver of it which was real nice-we'll have to find out the best spots to go though. 
Reagan being crushed
Getting back at him and being the aggressor. So funny to watch them interact on their own.
Would be totally fine if she went after this older man. Beckett is so sweet and so cute!
The boys testing our new 3D TV. Big day for us the have tv let alone 3D!!! We tried to get conference in 3D, but had to resort to just HD.

This same weekend Reagan figured out how to scoot. Look that that body! I need to post the video.
The Boys
The Girls-Camryn loved Kirby, but by the end of the weekend I don't know if Kirby loved Camryn. If treat her like an adult she is putty in your hands.  We had such a good time with these guys! Cant wait until they move back so we can visit them in 6 months!
One last pic of this one, is she not the sweetest? 


Kathy said...

You are really making me feel like I wish we were moving to Atlanta! Looks like fun. :)

Carrie said...

Fun:) Visitors are so nice! These cute friends of yours move a lot! Nice that they've been sorta close to you occasionally!

Marianne said...

Hey Erica--hope you guys are enjoying Atlanta--the Fickle Pickle is 5 mintues from my parents' house! Small world! And your girls are just gorgeous--hope all is well with ya'll!