Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in Park City

This year we had Christmas with the Smart Family, so we headed to their cabin for the week. So fun being all together and having it be cold and snowy for the Holidays.
The first day I bought a sled to try out. Camryn hated it.
But her cousin Cassidy loved watching
This is Ryan's brother Cody with Cassidy
So instead of sledding Camryn wanted to build a snowman. It was not the easiest task, but she was happy with the result.

Baby Cassidy and her HUGE eyes. So stinkin' cute.
On Christmas Eve we made lots of cookies and a gingerbread house. So loved it! These kind are so much easier to make than the ones at our party.

That night we went to Temple Square-to get in the spirit of Christmas
Ryan and his brother's Cody, Greg & Jake-such handsome boys

The siblings (well Emily is just a girlfriend, but we love her like one)
Then we got to open our christmas jamies. Check out how cute Camryn's grown up ones and how excited she is about mine!
Jake & Emily
The Newlyweds-Lindsey & Greg
Christmas morning! A new kitchen from Santa! She was so excited!
And a new baby with backpack and shoes!
And a new car to share with her cousin! She got spoiled alright! Notice it is a SmartCar?
Making cookies in her new kitchen she did this all day long for everyone!
Later on I got another gift for my hair! Thanks Lindsey, so fun to have a hair stylist in the family! It was such an awesome Christmas day.
The day after Christmas went headed out to good ol' Ophir. Ryan's parents used to own this random but amazing cabin in the middle of no where and now his Uncle lives there. So we joined him and a bunch of family there for dinner. It really is so pretty!
Then our last day we went bowling together.
Camryn had the time of her life. We had such a great Christmas! Thank you Smart's! So fun to have a new sister-in-law, a cousin for Camryn and a cozy place to stay. Too bad Brenda was sick with Viral Meningitis through it all, but even she said it was one of the best Christmas'!


Nichelle said...

viral meningitis?! brenda are you alright?! so how many more times can i say camryn's sooooo cute before you get sick of it? cause it never gets old to me. her expression in the jammies picture, oh my goodness. who knew she could be so excited about adult jammies in solid colors? i haven't seen any recent pictures of cassidy and she's adorable! love the cousin picture in their smart car and the brothers picture. what a fun time, i wish i could have seen you guys. love you all!

v a n e s s a said...

oh so much i like in this post!

- camryn's expressions
- the picture of you getting your hair done - at first i thought you were getting colored extensions put it.
- emily's eyebrows - they are perfect
- the picture of all 4 brothers in which ryan is wearing a fur lined coat, hat and mittens to keep warm while greg is baring his chest.

Brenda said...

The doctor "thought" I had viral meningitas; however, he did not confirm it with a spinal tap and I really do not think I had it....just a BAD virus. As Camryn would say: "Love you Gama sick puppy"

nikki said...

I dunno Brenda, I'm thinking you should trust the doctor seeing as how that happened to me at Thanksgiving 3 yrs. ago. So glad you pulled through - when I was sick that was the worst I'd ever felt!! So sorry!

Your Smart Christmas looks so fun - cute grandparents, sil's, brothers and cousins. Merry Christmas and I miss you.

Brenda said...

Right after I wrote my comment I started feeling like crap again, so maybe I should listen Nikki. And you are so right, I haven't felt that sick for a while. Do I dare ask how long it took you to feel on top of things? My neck and head are still hurting.

lauren ann said...

Wow... looks like an amazing Christmas. Camryn might just be the most expressive little girl ever met. Adorable. Hope you are feeling better Brenda-

PS Im jealous or your fur-lined jackets- those could have really come in handy here in the NY blizzard.

Carrie said...

i noticed the same thing about Greg's open neck at Temple Square!!! Funny! I bet Camryn was in heaven with so many people to love her up! That smart car is hilarious. The pretzel treats with a rolo is genious...I've heard of hershey's kisses, but a rolo is far superior!!! And I'm very impressed you made a snowman! When we were last in Park City, and it was -10 we couldn't make a snowman...the snow simply would not pack together and it was so frustrating...then later I learned that something happens to the snow when it's really doesn't pack well...I guess that's why they have the greatest skiing on earth!