Sunday, December 19, 2010

Games Not to Play When You're Getting to Know People

We moved a couple months ago to a new place closer to my job. It's been a transition, but we're really loving it. We decided to have our annual Christmas Pajama party and invited couples from our new ward. We weren't sure if people were going to make it given only a week's notice, but we soon found out the maximum capacity of our new little town house...about 30. It was kind of like a Provo party, but we didn't have to try and flirt with our dates...although my wife would like it if I did try every once in awhile-sorry honey, it took too much effort the first time and you fell for it; your loss. However, you do have to try and "couple date"-we invited all these attractive couples over in hopes of finding some couple compatibility. My wife has a natural charm-then I show up...

I came up with this game where you draw a holiday song from a bowl and then try to gargle the tune with eggnog. Everyone was doing so well-enter me. For those of you who know me, know that when I get nervous I can't stop laughing. I drew Little Drummer Boy and for yourself-it's like baby vomit meets The Exorcist. Thank you Lauren for capturing this special moment-couple dating failure.

Lauren kindly continued her self-nominated job as Sneaky-iPhone-Director and caught Tim and I trying to play Just Dance on the Wii. Again, it's a good thing I'm already married because these moves look like we have Turrets. Actually Tim looks like a cricket on crack-I've actually seen it on the Animal Planet I haven't but it feels accurate.
The amazing spread
My wife's crafty decorations
Jenn & Kurt-so focused
Working Hard
Stacey & Chris Sargent
Mike & Shannon Davis
The Ginger Bread Village. Note the one in the front-the White trash one with an "inflatable pool" in the front yard. You were the silent winner PJ.
Clear Winners of the Ginger Bread Competition-Don't tell PJ
Andrew doing a spot-on Gargle
Another normal person doing it...though she cheated and used water-it carries a much clearer tune.
Nate trying to draw a Nutcracker Blindfolded
Apparently PJ goes to bed with his hair slicked back looking like a mobster-they were the clear winner of the PJ contest. No pun intend.
Katie & Tim with perfect baby Zac
The PJ Crew-minus a few late shows-Mike Cunningham, Marsha & Johnny Clayton, Miranda and Clark Fielding. Also, a nod to Lauren's missing spouse Mike Foulger-you were there in spirit. I'm sure Nate would have loved to have not been there after I spewed Eggnog on him.

Merry Christmas!!! Please still hang out with us.


v a n e s s a said...

i'm going to be honest i gagged a little bit at the eggnog gargle video. that looks like the most fun christmas party ever had! maybe we should move to ladera ranch instead of portland so we can come to your parties...

Brittany Simmons said...

first of all, i'm a bit jealous that you didn't wait a week so we could be included...but it looked like a blast! (and your tree is so cute too!) I love Erica's jammies, and LOVE that dance wii game- i'll have to try it out when we hang out next! but I LOVED the video of ryan dancing- but mostly love lauren's commentary and laughing in the background!

lauren ann said...

Ok my obnoxious cackle and commentary were MUCH worse then any cricket on crack dance or projectile egg nog. For all you handicap people out there- I didn't mean it.

But really, you guys throw the best parties. I mean really, there are very people that I will show up stag to a party for- and it was well worth it. When is the next Smart party???

Karen M. said...

Lots of fun-including the eggnog spewing! I'm glad that you kept your tradition going. And, yes, really cute jammies, Erica!

Cody said...

Bummer we couldn't be there! Aghh, move to Texas y'all, seriously!

Nikki, Cody, and Tessa said...

Pretty much funniest video of you dancing, ever. LOVE it! Thanks for the laugh.

v a n e s s a said...

Looks to me like Erica is proving who her true baby is in that last picture.


Chase and Nichole said...

How FUN! I wish I could have come :) Don't be embarrassed, you just made yourself everyone's BFF! They probably all think you are "hilarious" and can't wait to hang again! Looks like your festive party was a hit! I love how creative you and Erica are with your parties!

Stacey Sargent said...

hahah this was such a fun night. we need to do this again soon...minus the eggnog. Hey, I think we left our plate there (big grey with bird on it). Sorry! Let me know when I can stop by and get it!

MediocreMama said...

The dancing video made me miss you. Come visit soon.

nicole me oh my! said...

I am cracking up at this post, and memories of the night and the eggnog. I so cheated with the water, so I guess I deserve that humiliating action shot. I love that the two of you party animals moved into the ward. Here's to hoping for many more parties!

Oh, and do you guys want to couple date with us still? Hope so.

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