Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hey 2010, if you were a human I probably would have punched you in the neck. It's too bad too, because 10 was always my lucky number...but we know how my luck goes. Forget about the two speeding tickets (one wasn't my fault), the Indian boy who hasn't paid me, and the recent occasion of a waiter spilling hot beans on my lap at a work Christmas luncheon-you had taken my house, my job and more twenties. However I am inclined to forgive you because you gave me a lot of quality time with friends and family (maybe a little too much), a new job and a great new place to live. All in all we learned a lot and all that stuff, but I'm ready for a new year, which brings me to you 2011:

I've never liked odd numbers-they seem meaner that even numbers, but I'm willing to give you a chance. Here are some of my requests:

1. Ease up on the trials-I'm okay with some to keep things interesting, but no more layoffs, short sales, illnesses, etc.
2. I'd really like if my daughter would stop asking us to sing Happy Birthday every night-I know it's confusing her and I hate singing it-it's not even really in my range and it's even been sounding a little burlesque recently...not good for anyone.
3. While on the daughter thing, let's get her potty trained-though I think diaper changing might actually be easier than stopping all the time to go to the bathroom-I could save a ton on diapers from Costco.
4. Be gentle on my Civic-it needs to last at least another year. The shorter commute has helped tremendously, but the two rocks in the windshield and the tail light incident have really hurt her self esteem.
5. Give me some ambition (maybe in the form of an ambitious friend) to actually work out. I have at least one sprint triathlon in front of me and the pictures from the last one, as well as my ill-fitted clothing always make me hate myself a little.
6. Give me one awesome surprise-I don't care when or where, just make it be awesome enough to make my year-a little good luck this year would be helpful.

Here's what I'll do for you:
1. I'll think before I speak
2. I'll be less least's hard to stop my brain.
3. I'll sing Happy Birthday ever night if she really wants me too and you follow through with the good luck thing.

That's it. Welcome to the family 2011-I have my eye on you.


MediocreMama said...


Julie and Kyle said...

love the post. but you are a douche for not stopping to see me on your drive home.... that was for ryan of course. erica, you could not be douchy in any way.

Emily said...

lets be honest though,
i was a witness to the happy birthday bed time song,
erica does a preeeeeeetty good job of hitting all the notes.

nikki said...

Happy Birthday to you!!

I was talking to 2011 of course. Here's to a great year for the Smart's. Love your guts, all 3 of you.

Brenda said...

Positive outlook and counting blessings....I have a good feeling about 2011.

Karen M. said...

You guys did take quite a blow in 2010-but did it with great style and attitude. That can only mean good things for 2011!