Thursday, March 15, 2012

Owen and Emma

We are going to miss these kids so much! I had the chance to watch them one Saturday afternoon. After playing all morning and watching the horses near the house we went to the beach. 
 They were in heaven! I was very ambitious to take 4 kids to the beach by myself. But once we got there it was worth it. 
 Owen is a perfect buffer for these two girls. Without him they would literally pull each others hair out. But when they are being nice it is so fun to watch them. Two of the cutest girls I know.
Taking advantage of our Sea World passes. We will probably go at least 2 more times before we go. 
 They were so cute together. Did all these poses on their own. We can't even imagine not hanging out with them the way we do! 


Karen M. said...

I love the little arms around shoulders-I'm going to miss having these kids together too!

Carrie said...

the poses are so fun. Love that these kiddos got to form their tight bond! They are at the age that they'll be wishing they could see their cousins and get so excited when they visit! Cousins are awesome.