Sunday, March 11, 2012


 Playdate with Camryn's BF Presley and of course Reagan had to be included with the girls
 Camryn has always wanted to come with me to one of my Activity Days activities, my last one we were decorating cookies and making cards. She was in heaven and better behaved than most of the 10-11 years.
 Went bowling with the Tanner's. Camryn loved her special shoes so much and even happier that they matched her outfit!
 My twin-Brittany, Ryan gets us confused at church all the time.

With one of Ryan's last haircuts with his friend Summer, we had Camryn come for her first. Sad little one had a swollen eye, but that didn't stop her excitement with this special treatment. She could have sat in that seat all night especially for her blow out. Gotta love our phones for pictures. Just sad we never carry our other camera around anymore.

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Karen M. said...

Camryn's always game for a fun time-she even considers a haircut or the dentist, fun! Most kids scream instead of smile!