Monday, March 19, 2012

Grandparent Visit

Ryan's parents took off to Park City so it was a perfect time for my parents to come for a visit.  We lucked out with great weather again and were able to do the beach while Ryan had to work.
It was nice to have extra help with the girls.
 Camryn had such a great time playing with Grandpa in a couple holes he dug her.
 My mom and I were in desperate need of a pedicure, there is nothing better. Camryn got spoiled and got to experience her first. She was in girl heaven. 
Later that day we headed to Coronado. Snapped these pics of my baby while waiting for the Surrey.
I had been wanting to rent a surrey ever since we rode bikes down here when Camryn was a baby. Having this big of a group gave us a great excuse.

 Going to miss this beautiful city!
Camryn being such a daredevil while waiting for our table at Lil Piggy's BBQ.
 After dinner treat, chocolate covered marshmallows and we all shared a Snicker's Carmel Apple. So good.
 Then we had Amy's family over for swimming and hot tubbing and S'mores! Such a perfect visit. Can't express how much we will miss my parents. Thankfully we will try and make an effort to see each other almost the same amount. 

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Carrie said...

Totally love the pics of you kissing your baby's cheeks! Love documenting those moments. And what fun to share a 3 generation pedicure! And the surry is totally awesome! What a great day! I'll be in coronado in a month...Ragnar SoCal ends there...but I don't think we'll be peddaling Surry's around. Bummer that Ryan won't be running that Ragnar!