Thursday, April 18, 2013


After a horrible experience at the airport feeling so sick and then threw up on the plane to Phuket-we finally made it. It was a very long night but waking up to this the next morning was worth it.

We stayed at the Hilton on Karon Beach. So pretty and HOT. Exactly what we needed.

Free breakfast buffet is always a highlight. And my appetite was finally coming back. 
That day we bounced back and forth between pools and the beach. Felt so good to do nothing but enjoy relaxing.

After a good lunch and massages we watched the sunset and then got ready for dinner.

We opted to stay at the resort-Ryan hoping to have a "Rodizio Grill" type meal and me with my love of Nachos. Not great but nice to dress up and enjoy a night to ourselves.
At least our drinks were good.
Next morning we knew we had to try the "Fish Spa"
I died the entire 10 minutes! So ticklish/nasty it was not even funny. But for $3 you got to do it! 

All the way up my calves-in between toes-screaming the whole time. 

Ryan's laugh was the best but then he got used to it and loved watching them-where as I could not even look!
Then it was off to Ko Phi Phi. Waiting for the Ferry was the low of our trip we downed these drinks and then still had to wait in the sun for over an hour. Not cool. 
Once we got on the boat our spirits lifted. So cool to see all these islands all over the place just pop out of no where.

Pulling in to Ko Phi Phi-so wish we could explored the back part of the island where that huge rock is. So pretty. Next time...
Right as we docked the hotel had a guy waiting for us-grabbed a cart for our stuff and walked us to our hotel. Yes, walked. No cars. Some scooters but only walking and biking. This is how narrow the streets  (sidewalks) are. I wish I was a better writer so I could exude the feeling on this island. So cool is how I will describe it.

The view from our hotel.

Our cute little bungalo-horrible bed but loved the character.

We walked around the markets and Ryan picked up this gem. The markets here were so cute and you have to take your shoes of anytime you cross you enter any store or shop and everyone was so kind.

We stopped for dinner and had great Thai for $3. Finally back to normal and able to eat curry. Thank goodness.
Walked around to the other side of the island and had to get the famous "Thai pancake." Enjoyed it sitting on the beach. Did I mention how nice it is to vacation without kids. No schedule no plans just do whatever and relax a lot.

More free breakfast. Thai's know how to make pancakes. I think which each ate 5. 
Morning view. 

We took one of these boats-long tails out and saw the uninhabited island of Phi Phi. 
Viking Cave-toursits aren't allowed in there-but apparently there are thousands of birds that use their salvia to construct bird's nest and those birds nest are used in a Chinese Delicacy soup. So nasty! One of the most expensive animal products consumed by man. I might throw up.

Next was this cove we anchored at to snorkel. Ryan and I had so much fun swimming around with all the fish-especially when the driver threw in a ton of pineapple and the fish went crazy. The water was so clear and warm. This is my favorite picture we got.
Maya Bay-"The Beach" was filmed here and it was gorgeous. But a ton of people. Not the sucluded island feel but we had a good hour to explore and lay on the white sand beach.
The other side of Maya Bay. Again-islands everywhere. Makes my think of Pangea and how it really is that all this land was just broken up.
Right after this we got to see a baby shark-but that was the extent of sea life here. 
The front of the long tail and monkeys on the cliff. So many monkeys everywhere. Other boats were throwing them food. So fun to watch them hold on for dear life and snag the little food that they could catch. Too bad we didn't have anything for them-they were so cute.
The long tails are so pretty.
After our adventure we got the best pizza and smoothies-this pizza was really legit. 
Then it was back to Phuket. Again-we so wish we had an extra day here-our favorite part of Thailand for sure.
Since we had to fly out that next afternoon we got a hotel close to the airport and had a great pool. 
We were in heaven and weren't ready for it to end. 


Brittany Simmons said...

i love that you still blog- since it's so hard to find time to catch up! i didn't realize you threw up ON the plane. that stinks. everything looks so beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

I honestly have never been so jealous ... I need a cool vacation so bad. What a cool trip! Kids are so overrated :)


Blogger said...

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