Monday, April 22, 2013

Hong Kong Part 2

After getting back to HK we had one day to try and fit in a few things. 
A day there wouldn't be complete without a "Smart walk/hike"-this was their Bowen Road that is one of the only street that is for walking that is flat and about a 5K. I loved how clean this park was. 
Afterward we walked down to the free zoo and botanical gardens. These were prettiest flowers and I also just love this picture of Brenda. We also found the most amazing chocolate croissants-best I've had at the market across the street.
The monkeys were going crazy and that huge nasty thing is a enormous Orangutan. So fun to have a nice city zoo that is free. 

Then we took a little 30 min boat ride to Cheung Chau. I little island off of HK with again no cars. Boats and bike is how they do things. Small little markets and restaurants are the main attractions. 
We ate at a little Thai place but everyone else was loving this Chinese Seafood place-we weren't feeling up to being adventurous. 

We explored the rest of the island-saw one of the Temples-Jake photo bombing.

And hiked around the island on the "Mini Great Wall"-trying to climb in between two rocks is harder than you think.

A lot of people come over for the nice beach too. Really pretty but no where here has waves. Which I like.
Then we rushed back in time to meet some friends of the Smart's that are our age for some bowling. Not time to change-so we look real good. We played at their other club by David's work. All so fancy. It was fun getting to know the Rowland's and all the friends we had in common.
The next morning we were all packed up and headed out to the airport when we realized it said PM not AM. So we had a whole other day to play! 
We pretty much walked the entire city of HK and got our delicious croissants again and did some shopping. Since I had room left in my suitcase it was only necessary.
We even got in another foot massage. Vacation can really be so stressful. Why don't they do these in the states. 45 minutes for $15. I would do them weekly and that is exactly what Brenda does. 
Boys wanted noodles and I was over them-so Brenda and I devoured burgers instead. I love BK and McDonalds outside the states-something so good and comforting about it.
Then when it was finally the right time to go to the airport that night Ryan got his last meal of noodles before heading home. "Beef Noodles" was the running joke because he search for them at every restaurant-so he was so happy to get a good dish at the airport. We had such an amazing vacation. It was so good to be with Ryan's parents and his brother and see where they are and what their life is like. So hard to feel connected when we are so far away and this exactly what we needed to feel connected again. We miss them but cannot wait for another trip back in a couple years as they will probably be there another 4-8 years. And huge thanks to my family, especially my mom and dad who were able to watch the kids. I think they all had just as much fun as we did.

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