Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hong Kong

Before heading to Hong Kong we flew as a family to San Francisco to drop the girls off with my parents. Since we had a nice long lay over we headed to the city to hang out with the fam for a bit. First stop was In N Out. Ryan was almost in tears he was so excited. 
And the girls were so happy to see their grandparents! Well Reagan was warming up to the idea, but using good manners with that little pinkie.
We checked out Tartine-and were not fans. After the girls were acting tired my parents headed home and we shopped our way through the city until Ryan's cousin was able to pick us up and take us back to the airport. 
This is the 2 hours before our flight. Ryan in headache position. Not a good sign before a 14 hour flight. But it was actually not that bad. We both slept (with meds) for 4-5 hours and watched a bunch of movies and read. Things are so much more enjoyable when you don't have children to worry about.

We were so happy to see David when we got out of customs. Giddy/Delirious. 
The Smart's "Driver" took us back with David and so we got to see him and Jake before they left for work that morning. Brenda let us shower and then it we hit the road running-literally for 7 hours. Brutal with 4 hours of sleep and body clocks all jacked up. We walked all over the city stopping at bakeries, markets and malls. This is Hong Kong park-sort of the Central Park of HK. But much more tropical and lush-so crazy in such a concrete jungle of buildings.

Our wonderful tour guide 
She made us take a picture everywhere we went and run under waterfalls-hated it then but glad she did.
One of the many street filled markets.

Riding the Star Ferry to David's work on Kowloon. Gives you an idea of how many skyscrappers there are and this is just one side.
Just keeps going. We toured the office where David work and it is a dream. Toys everywhere-it literally was making my head spin or my that was the jet lag. At this point Ryan and I were pretty much glazed over. 
So it was on to dinner-too bad this place wasn't open for dinner yet. Super cool street. Just now noticed Ryan's shoe here. We both had blisters.
We opted for Vietnamse food Pho-I wasn't crazy about it-but the "Beef Noodles" as Ryan referred to them were very good and Ryan from then on craved them everywhere we went.
One of the many views from the Smart's balcony. 33rd floor over looking Hong Kong Island and the Bay to Kowloon.
And this is the view out the front the building. Total tropical beautiful mountain you'd see in Hawaii. This is after a good nights rest and ready to hike The Peak. Brenda hikes it every morning and I would too. So pretty. 
One side of the island.
The other side. So bummed it wasn't more clear and camera can't capture the real beauty.
Kowloon on the other side of the bay with a view of tallest building.
Coolest trails-in the city but so not city like.
The Smart's "house" in the distance.
And it won't be HK without a mall at the top of The Peak. Hilarious. Beautiful mountain and they have restaurants and shopping. Most people clearly take the tram.

Korean noodles for lunch
Waiting for the bus to Stanley. We took all forms of transportation in 7 days-bus, taxi, Mattel driver (van), subway, ferry, train and trolley.
Having to much fun being tourists in the markets.
We braved the rain and ended up buying an umbrella, poncho and sweatshirt.
Cutest little fishing town and bay.
I was obsessed with this tree. And yes another mall.
Ryan was acting like he was back in Atlanta with his hot chocolate, sweatshirt and hoodie that he just bought.
Impressive how they do this.
Day 3 we hiked up Dragon's back-my favorite hike. These views were incredible. I should have brought my nicer camera but I wasn't thinking. Can't even tell how cool this was. City in the distance, beach all around and amazing landscape.
Hong Kong in the distance. Looked so awesome between these two mountains.

Then we walked down to the beach-would have loved to just lay on that beach the rest of the day but more sightseeing to be done and plenty of time for that in Thailand.
Who would have thought this would be in Hong Kong? Just 30 min away.
Great Thailand after a fun outing and the yummiest, freshest lime soda.
The next day I wasn't feeling well so Ryan and Brenda hiked the Peak again and I rested. I later felt up to getting out. First was the Jade Market on Kowloon. Awesome Jade and pearls and got the cutest pair for my mom. But the bartering makes me nervous-I feel so awkward.
Then we did a little market shopping. But that didn't last long with my stomach already nauseous. We didn't plan our faces which is the best part.
While over on that side Ryan got a suit tailored for him. Very handsome! Loved that he was able to get a custom suit for the same you would buy one here of the rack and done so quickly.
Hong Kong "Walk of Fame"
Trying to fit in with the Asians with our poses and picture taking. 
Have I mentioned the views? On Kowloon over looking Hong Kong Island.

The next 2 days I spent most my time in "our room"-sicker than I have ever been. Bad flu? Guardia? Don't know. At least the view was great and bed was cozy.
Ryan got to go to The Seven's game with his Dad and Bro though which is awesome for them. It is like the the Super Bowl of Rugby-so very exciting that they got free tickets.
The next morning the boys hiked to the Big Buddha. Brenda got what I had and was out too! I was super bummed I couldn't do this hike but with my horrible body aches there was no chance. At least I was in good company.
So high up there
Love this picture.
After hike snacks-nothing better although Ryan said it tasted like the milk after you finished your wheaties. Not sure I need to try that one. Next up Thailand...


Brenda said...

Your photos captured your trip beautifully. I'll treasure your visit. Love you both.

Carrie said...

What a cool trip! Seriously who knew Hong Kong was anything like that? The tropical forrests and hikes. Crazy! Lucky it all worked out so well...except that is for the really sick part:(

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