Saturday, April 27, 2013

Charlotte Visit

After being home a week we decided we needed another getaway. The Fish's live in Charlotte which is just a 4 hour drive. The girls did great. I always feel like such a family on road trips. Reminds me of my childhood.
Scott and Ryan ran a half marathon first thing. Ryan loves having a buddy to do these things with. His knee is still bad but he will push it for races like this. 
After the race, one of our first stops after lunch was this cute French Bakery. Yummy macaroons. The girls were in heaven with all the choices. 
The streets were so charming. This was my favorite right by Myer's Park. The homes were gorgeous. Kirby's dream street. Charlotte was way more charming than Atlanta. Smaller city and much cleaner.
Playing on the train at the park.
Not sure how Scott fit on that seat.

Love it when she let's me hold her hand since it rarely happens.
Waiting for a blue snow cone at the lemonade stand. Not that hot, but if their is anything blue being sold-Ryan cannot pass it up.
Sneaking up on the ducks and throwing rocks-she could have spent all day there.
Love this girl so much-we get to see each other more than our own families. Lucky to have a friend like her.
Kirby had said it was busier than normal at the park and said she saw something about a tree climbing competition and we all thought she was crazy. Until we finally saw it. Not really tree climbing more of pulling yourself up a rope to ring and bell and lower yourself back down. But it was no joke for these tree-climbers. But they got our attention.
Loved this park-so much like Piedmont in Atlanta or Central in NY. And the fact that it was warm and starting to get green-even better!
We also got to walk around the city and have more Macaroons and then check out their awesome children's museum. Reagan loved this suction tube. Sticking the paper in over and over and watching it fly out-wishing it were real money!
Dancing in the "rave" room-not what it is actually called.
Interested in touching the cockroach...
And then couldn't believe she just did that! Hilarious and then she kept doing it-and always the same reaction.
She was like this all day-couldn't believe all this cool stuff in one place!
Then we had a nice backyard BBQ and ice cream cones to get all sticky before we got back in the car. We had a quick visit but we definitely had good quality time. So fun being with good friends. Lucky for us the boys planned another race so they will be back down in a couple weeks!

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Karen M. said...

Hurray for good friends-makes life more pleasant! Reagan can seriously make the best faces. Love her animation!