Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sick Family

We were so fortunate to have the Watson's come visit just before Thanksgiving. And with them they brought Georgia and Hudson-Chris and Linds went to Paris for her sister's wedding. So we had a full house.  A fun filled house that all got SICK! Of course-right. Passed through 8 of the 11 of us! The flu. So bad. Thankfully we were able to pack in some fun before, during and after everyones puking.
 Movie night the first night! Camryn beyond happy to get to share this tradition with her cuzies. All huddled around the popcorn.
Sunday after church we packed a picnic and headed to Piedmont for some fun. I love this park so much and I was glad they did too. 
Monday we hit up the Aquarium. The Coke Museum was all decked out for Christmas-love this shot. Too bad Reagan hates group shots with the kids.
But she loves a good self portrait. That cheese face-gets me every time!
This Aquarium really is so great-glad it can entertain a 1 year old to a 12 year old. 
Cute family-I sure have missed them.
The next day we ventured to Roswell for Olive oil and Vinegar tasting. The boys were into it just as much as Nikki and I. Hudson was doing shots of Olive Oil by the end. Nasty, don't tell Chris.
Then onto Fickle Pickle. A must. Reagan was loving the blue cheese dip with the homemade potato chips. 
Lucky for us it was Tuesdays kids eat free. Ha.
Eyelash fun that night with all the kids around. The girls were obsessed.
And Camryn got her boy cousins to play Pretty Pretty Princess. Dylan won and he was so ok with it.
Wednesday we got everyone feeling ok to go to Kennesaw Mountain for a picnic on the Battlefield and then drive to the top of the Mountain to walk around and look at the city.

They look sick but they were all healthy here. So hard to take a good picture with that many kids.
Played at the park a bunch too-these kids were in heaven at the Castle Park. This one included. 

And our last meal together-Heirloom BBQ. It wasn't Thanksgiving dinner but it was so nice to be with family and have it feel like Thanksgiving. We are so glad they came down even though they couldn't stay for Thanksgiving and us needed to get off to Mexico. I miss having family nearby. Hopefully we can convince them to come back even after a sick sick week!


Kathy said...

The flu is the worst! But it looks like you guys managed to still have fun. We miss you guys! Where are you going to be for Xmas this year? We would love to see you guys and your darling girls. :)

Brittany Simmons said...

Oh no!! The Flu!!! That happened to use last Christmas at shane and hannahs...they all had the flu, then we all got it. NO fun. That is a lot of puke under one roof. Can't wait to catch up!

Karen M. said...

I have been waiting for this post! So fun to see what you were all up to and glad the cousins got to spend time together even though they were sick. Love those cute ones-old and young!