Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Before Ironman or BI-Cozumel

 After a flight change without notice we were to be flying out at 6 am. Which means we all were up by 4 in the morning. Thank heavens that with our long lay over in Dallas there was a Play Place-so great that airports are doing this now. Genius-really.  
Then we took advantage of Ryan's namesake and headed to the big timer lounge. Could have been more happy to have free wifi in my life. Ryan and I were able to close our eyes and enjoy the free snacks. We even snuck Jake in who happened to be on our flight to Cozumel.
Camryn fell asleep waiting to board the plane and then stayed asleep through finding our seats, take off and about an hour on Ryan's lap. So happy they were both on allergy medicine that helped in the sleeping dept.
Reagan was not ok not having her dad's attention just because Camryn was asleep on him. So awkward-yet so sweet.
Once we got there the boys-David, Jake and Ryan had stuff to get ready for the race. So us girls enjoyed the place we would call home for the next 4 days and watched the Sunset.
 Camryn didn't care that the pool was freezing cold-she had been dying to go swimming since we landed in Mexico.

The next day we just enjoyed the beach and the sand. While the boys got prepared for what was ahead-too bad they couldn't relax though-but us girls had fun. They did "test" out the waters for a little-Jake actually got stung by a jellyfish. Lucky didn't amount to anything until after the race. And lucky for me I snapped this picture of what Ryan gained (or lost) from all this training. I had said even if he didn't finish look at what we both got out of it!
 My outside girl at Sunset. This was Jake's way of getting her to like him. He would say, "You want to go outside?" Then she'd let him hold her. 
 My sun basking buddy. I was having views into my future of us layout together and playing cards-just me and the girls. I taught Cam how to play war and it was just me and her while the rest of the house slept before the big day ahead. I love these moments while my oldest.

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Karen M. said...

Beautiful pictures of Mexico! Your girls have grown up so much since I last saw them-can't wait to catch up with them soon. Love the cramped picture of Ryan and the girls!