Friday, November 30, 2012

Catch Up

I was on a roll for so long...then I got busy. I think that is what they call the Holidays. It is true.
It got cold here and Camryn is loving wearing her rain boots but still insists on a skirt. Girls got style.
Then it really got cold! This is probably the cutest little bundle I've ever seen. But I am biased. 

 Art projects on the floor. Reagan copies Camryn in every way.
Watched The Dunning's again. Always so fun and eventful. Watched them on my own again as Ryan went to UT for his Grandma's funeral at the last min. Luckily these kids get along so well. 
 Three loving the dirt and worms and the other posing with my glasses. She is so bad!
 Bath time with the crazies and of course Rowan needed to be involved in the whole thing!

 Single mom heaven-Catch Air. The kids can go crazy, won't get hurt and I can just follow around Reagan. We were pooped after 3 hours. It did it's job yet again. 
She could have played here all day!
And these kids in here-hope they marry each other one day! Beautiful babies they would make!

 Real proud I got them all ready for church and their Primary Program. That is a feet!
And snapped this of Camryn. Gorgeous girl.
Again with the laying on the ground at the Aquarium watching the dolphins. Ok now on the the present...

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Brenda said...

Can't wait to have those cute faces in my arms!