Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back Among the Omnivores

Alas, I must post and admit defeat on meat. I gave it a good run. My one recommendation for Vegetarians is--don't try this at home. Let me break this down for you all. I was excited to get this process started and went down to the local Trader Joe's on a bright sunny day to fill up the miniature carts with organic, vegetarian goods. Side bar conversation: People who love Trader Joe's are a special. I probably did 5 laps around the store looking for food--I was struggling to find items without meat. I figured sandwiches were the way to go, so I bought healthy bread and vegetables, along with some spicy humus. I also ended up with soy milk, cereal, nuts, and some veggie burgers. I happily paid and loaded all my groceries in a recyclable paper bag (though everyone there had their own bags that they probably hand constructed from the grass in their back yard).

I got home and made a veggie sandwich that tasted pretty good--the key to healthy food is to make sure it's spicy; it hides that earthy flavor that people pretend they like. For dinner I tried to make a veggie burger. This was before all the great comments on the Boca burger. I heated it up and took a bite--the brown mass had chunks of corn, peas and other indecipherable elements. I'm sure you can imagine how this metaphor may go...much like the diaper I had changed on my 1 year old.

Anyway, I went Vegan for three days (they have to be unhappy people). Then I started introducing some dairy, then I just started eating cereal and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. THEN I started eating some fish. Finally on the third week, we had constant rain and were trapped inside. We had some friends come over and decided to grab some food. Erica so kindly said she wanted Chipotle. She's so supportive; let's go to the meat bar and you can have some rice and beans. That was it, I ordered a carnitas burrito and never looked back. I also popped open a diet coke with Lime and let euphoric liquid slide through my veins.

I have learned that I think most Vegetarians are fat. You can only really eat carbs, there is no way you're getting full on vegetables. Secondly, being a vegetarian tears up your your bowels...I'll stop there. Also, if you're going to do this you really have to plan in advance because there is meat lurking around every corner just waiting to jump in your hungry little mouth.

Finally, I love meat. I do have to say I would feel better about eating organic where ever possible, but again, it takes time and preparation--not to mention zero restaurants under one billion dollars a plate serve organic food.

Everything in moderation is such a wise rule. God didn't make animals to just look at--He wanted us to eat their little faces...maybe not that graphic; I just wanted to say that for dramatic affect. I think America needs to calm down on the food frenzy and eat healthy. I did sleep a lot better without my soda. I feel better when I don't consume blue lake #7. I still hate tomatoes, cilantro, onions, broccoli and sour dough bread. I need to exercise to actually get in shape--The End...until I find some other weird experiment

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Last post on this blog...

For twigg that is! No more interfering with our personal lives; we have started a blog for twigg! We want to introduce If The Shoe Fits... Please check it out and continue checking the website.
Most of our success has been word of mouth and blog stalking (we all do it, admit it). Thanks for being willing to put the twigg button on your blogs; friends trust friends, and it's a huge help. I know your list of friends, links, widgets continually grows, so your help has meant a lot. Your feedback has really helped me find new styles that everyone loves. I'll continue to update the blog with new styles, fads, questions to the reader and other fun and useful (or not) information about shoes.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tom's Farm & 15 Months

We decided to stay around our house this weekend and head to Tom's Farm and Grandma Brenda came up to join in on the fun. Camryn's first ride on a carousal...however too scared to ride on the horses. Maybe next time.
And her first train ride. She loved having Grandma take her on all the rides.So then I decided I would take her into the petting zoo. All was going well until...
the goats got a little over zealous. Not a good move, she was deathly scared from then on. Tried to steer her to see these crazy ducks. Have her ever seen ducks feathers like this? Fascinating. She still was mad.
So then I tried the pygmy pigs, but then I got attacked by the goats! Don't worry that he was eating my vest! Conclusion...goats are mean.
In other news...Camryn has become quite the helper. She loves to "sweep" and help with the laundry. I have found another reason why I love having a little girl. She learns so much everyday it is crazy! Today at Stake Conference running the halls with her I was beginning to think we really had the spawn of Satan. But then during the closing prayer Ryan and I looked over and she was folding her arms! She sat there for a good 5 seconds and even had her eyes closed! I am glad she was being reverent because Ryan and I were busting up! We have never taught her to do this.
So now you tell her to close her eyes and this is what she does! How do kids pick up on everything? And if the rest of the pictures didn't make you laugh maybe this will...

Everday at our house is entertaining to say the least.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Spring Arrivals at Twigg

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is it really January and we are at the pool?!

Yeah if it is 82 degrees and want a little sun. Camryn was in heaven and so was I!
I was excited to see how she was going to do with the pool since this past summer. She would run right in, stand there and squat down...

then she would realize how cold it was and run right back.

I have to admit it was a nice change from our routine lately, but this just doesn't feel right!

Christmas in Granite Bay

This was one of my highlights! (And no I am not talking about my extremely blonde hair-but that is something to mention) I got to see The Sacramento Ballet's Nutcracker! The same one I did for over 16 years! This was Ryan's first time seeing it and he actually liked this one a lot better than the other ballets he has seen. It is because it is the best! I even got to see a few of the dancers I grew up dancing with and talk with my old directors. Such a treat for me! Afterward we ate at the best mexican restaurant around the corner...Zocalo. Definitely recommend it. Great date night.
Camryn checking out the luminaries that Ryan and Grandpa set up. On our walk around the neighborhood to see the Luminaries on Christmas Eve.
This is a horrible picture, but I wanted to show how cool it looks. My parents neighborhood does this every year. It is so neat that everyone participates. Such a great tradition.

Hudson and Camryn-I tried to get a good picture of these two because they were such buddies but the only one I have is of Camryn and her "sour face." This is what she does when you say show us your sour face. She is crazy.
After our walk we decided to do a little Christmas program. Camryn was Mary or as we called her Mary the harlot. That lasted 2 seconds. This picture is classic and with a lazy eye!
Waking up Christmas morning. The tricycle was Hudson's present from Santa.
Opening her shopping cart from Grandma and Grandpa

She got a purse full of necklaces from Grandma and Grandpa and a jewelry box from Mom and Dad. She was in heaven!
Play time begins. This was a hot commodity among the cousins. If you can't find something it is in her shopping cart.

Then later on that night she got this princess car from her Great Grandma Marilyn. She has so much fun with this thing! She can't decide which one she likes best!

Hudson, Cam and Kyle-all on their rides

Reading with Aunt Nikki
Checking out the fish with cousin's Dylan and Carter at the Discovery MuseumDressing up as astronauts in the spaceship

After leaving the museum we headed back home. We had such a fun visit with all of the cousins and Aunt and Uncles. We got to see Carrie and Scott's new house, meet baby Georgia finally and even ate pheasant that my dad and bros hunted! I was also able to go out to dinner at Fat's with Nikki, Patrick, Carrie and Scott without the kids! (Ryan and Chris and Lins had already gone home). Such a treat! We also went up to the snow and were able to see all the kids ski and snowboard. But most of the time we just hung and talked and watched the kids play! It is so fun getting the kids together. Thanks for such a great time Mom and Dad!