Friday, June 11, 2010

Mike's Visit to His New Home!

We couldn't be more excited! My sister Amy and BIL Mike are moving to Oceanside with their family in less than a month! So to get things in order Mike came out to find a place and feel out the area. Lucky for us he decided to stay with us for 5 days! I think we showed him a good time and filled him with enough good food to last until he returns!
Here we are at Pipe's-gigantic breakfast burrito. Probably wasn't the best idea when going for an eating marathon day...we were full until 6:30 that evening.
We had to stop and see horses and really any animal where ever we were headed-Camryn's new obsession. We did happen upon these Shetland ponies so that was fun!

We also headed up a Farmer's Market that was more like a fair in Solana Beach. Crowded but Camryn was in heaven with a "bubble"-we are working on calling it a balloon.
I was sad we didn't get any other pictures taken because there was plenty of fun being had! Lots of pool time, eating out, the boys golfed and saw a movie and not to mention that Camryn LOVED Mike. Anytime he left the room or even if he was in the room she would say his name over and over. She even let him brush her teeth-must be his gentle dental hand. But lucky for her and us, he will be back and bringing her Aunt and her cousins for many more photo ops! We can't wait-July can't get here soon enough!


Amy said...

Guys...Thanks for taking such good care of me and showing me a great time. It was a blast! Camryn is a trip. So funny! Can't wait to move out there and hang out more often. See you soon!


Amy said...

I'm still jealous that Mike got to spend so much one on one time with you guys! He can't stop talking about how cute Camryn is and what a talker she is! And he did brag about his legit dental skills. Glad you were able to show him a good time. I can't wait to get out there!!!!! We may just never want to leave :)

Amy said...

PS I was going to say too that I don't think Camryn is going to like Emma. Hopefully they can find some common ground with necklaces or shoes. Emma likes to be up in ones buisness, I don't think Camryn will like that.