Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Girls Camp

Yes...I am one of those people who LOVES girls camp! So when there was an opportunity to go I jumped on it and I am so glad I did. The leaders and girls I went with were such a blast! It is so fun when you finally feel apart of your ward and really start building great relationships. Girls camp is a great way to help all that along...
Canyon Lake Ward Leaders-Jennifer Johnson (Camp Director, Me (Laurel Advisor), Teresa Dix (YW Pres.) Shauna Sullivan (1st. Counselor). These girls know how to have a good time! And let's just say that when camp was over we all went to the spa on Monday! Now that is how you do Girls Camp!
Not even half of our girls-17 altogether 2 non-members, 3 new girls and 2 eleven year olds! Never a dull moment with this group from Justin Bieber to Twilight and everything in between!
Helping the girls-I like to think I'm a pro since I kayak on the ocean.(I'm not even kind of)
Canoeing on Jenke's Lake. Small lake but fun none the less. It was fun going with Jennifer because she had never been. Don't be fooled by my camera-2.1 MP(that is less than most cellphones). It takes pretty decent pictures.
Here is Cheryl and I performing "surgery" on one of the new Beehives braces! It was either go home or have us cut her wires with none sterile wire cutters! She chose us! So brave, but you do what you got to do I guess and we stepped up to the plate.
This year they had us do repelling-we hiked up the mountain and then repelled down the face of an 85 ft rock. Pretty cool! I love that they offer this kind of stuff and not just basket weaving.
You have gotta LOVE McKenna's face in this picture! Utter TERROR!
Jennifer and I before our turn! I am so glad she decided to do it with me.
Almost to the bottom! Scary at first but then ended up being so much fun! Just please don't look at my butt! After Jennifer and I went we talked our other two leaders into doing it! Who says you have to be 18 or younger to participate!


Brenda said...

what butt?

Trent & Brooke said...

oh im going to girls camp this week! looks like you had a great time. wish me luck:)

nikki said...

Totally agree - I love girl's camp too and I'm so happy you got to go. You guys did some seriously fun things. Repelling looks awesome. And I love you guys performing a little dental surgery. At camp you do whatever it takes!

Amy said...

Are there people who don't like girls camp?! How fun to be one of the "girls" again. Your hair though... looks way to goo to be camping. Those things you got to do are awesome, definitly not Camp Navoo awesome, but pretty awesome. I was being sarcastic, could you tell?

Karen M. said...

Way to go-Laurel advisor! I bet you made Girls Camp that much fun for everybody else-what a blast for you all!