Monday, April 6, 2009

The Smart Happenings

We have been pretty busy the past week so I thought I would just summarize what we have been up to.

We were able to get together with Tom and Alana (Ryan's HS friends), they were down for a vacay and were nice enough to let us intrude for one day. It was so great having lunch at Canes where we spotted tons or dolphins, walked along Misson Beach, had delicious frozen yogurt and great conversation around the firepit and in the hot tub.

I did a little home improvement project.


Or should I say...before:

After this project I spilled nail polish remover all over our coffee table.


So with a little sanding and $3 can of spray paint this is what we got. Not bad.

Then Brittany came up to visit one day. We were able to have some great talks while the kiddies were napping, go on a walk and play at the park.

Cam's first time playing at the park. Too bad everyone was hogging the swing so she didn't get to try it out.

No, it is not 3 Smarts and 2 Dogs, but Ryan came home from work with this dog. Now I am not a fan of Chihuahuas but this dog...I called her Dusty and Ryan called her Chicken (yes chicken and nugget) was so nice! We thought Nugget was a good dog until we had this one spend the night. Too bad we can't have another dog otherwise I would have been ok with keeping it.

After dropping her pacifer over and over in the streets of Spain I decided I needed to come up with a solution. This is what I came up with.

They ended up being more fun than I thought they'd be so I just kept making 'em. I think they'll make cute gifts.

Then Saturday we watched Conference and then went down to San Diego and had lunch with Brittany and Derek and Mia and Nate. Nate and Ryan went to Priesthood while Mia and I chatted. Then the Watson's came in town!

Camryn with her adorable cousins Dylan, Carter and Jake. It was so cute to see the boys interact with her. Too bad it was a quick visit since they were off to Hawaii. But it was still fun to see them and watch conference with them.


Karen M. said...

Wow! What a great job on the table! I'm impressed it turned out so well. Also, very cute pacifer holders-sad that Camryn needs to use them but a great invention done up cute. Camryn looks so little with her big cousins-just when I thought she was becoming a big girl. I miss them all!

Brenda said...

Can little miss Camryn get cuter?!? I don't think so. I love the clips you made for the pacifer. I say you should go into business and use the obvious name for your product: "Smart clips". I can't believe I just typed that after hearing all the "Smart" comments for over 30 years!

Carrie said...

What a fun week!

I love your pacifier's pretty bad that I've never resorted to that since I now have two kids who enjoy the wa wa wa...though Kyle typically will not put it in his mouth unless he's in bed...anyhow, the fabric or ribbons you found are super duper adorable! Great cuteness!

p.s...knowing you love baby shoes and how many you makes me feel good when I see pictures of her with no shoes on...since I often leave the house without shoes on my wee ones (even on many church days-I put his shoes on once we sit in Sacrament meeting - which bugs me since most peopple notice when you walk into church -but church is the one place where he does always end up with shoes on)anyhow,...and when I'm out on the town with a shoeless kid, I always feel a bit guilty...even if it's warm outside, but when I see cutie Camryn with no shoes, knowing how orgainized her mom is, I feel a bit better:) thanks for making me feel a bit better:) Plus baby feet and toes are so adorable, right? So are the shoes:)

Fun to see the watsons too!

Amy said...

Wow, you did a lot! How nice to be with friends and family. Cam is looking very cute as always. I was laughing at Carrie's comment. Yes, baby shoes are adorable, but bare baby feet are just as adorable. I like your paci clips. Cute choice in ribbon. I didn't know Camryn was a paci baby, for some reason I thought she phased out of it. Sometimes I think I should try again with Emma, she loves to suck on her blanket, hand, mommies hand, straps, todos!

Amanda said...

Southern California just sounds like a constant party! It was at about this age where Ethan kept dropping his pacifier too. At the most inopportune places too... off the side of Mt. Timp while we were hiking to the caves. Anyway, what a creative solution. If only I had been so crafty! Camryn is adorable as always.

Kathy said...

Wish we could have seen you guys while you were in SD. We need to get together and soon before this baby gets here and we go into hibernation. :)
Great job on the table.

nikki said...

I am happy to see that we made your run-down. We had so much fun having a quick conference visit! You had a busy week and I got to see your projects first hand at your casa. I win! Camryn is a sweetheart and my boys had a blast mauling her. Can't wait to see you soon!

P.S. My kids only wore shoes in winter. :)