Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where in the World is Camryn San Diego?

From southern California to northern California, most of Utah and Vegas and now Spain this baby has seen more in 5 months than many do in a lifetime! Yet she won't remember a single minute of it, such a shame!

This is Camryn enjoying her very own seat on the airplane. We were lucky enough to have an open middle seat on all of our flights...what a difference that makes! She did so awesome we were pleasantly surprised you hardly heard a peep from her. On the way home we even got to go into the VIP lounge in London, (got to have all you can eat breakfast and enjoy comfy leather couches - couldn't take pics though otherwise we would look like we really didn't belong there) bulk head seats with more leg room and our very own tv screens so we could watch as many movies and shows as desired! (Thanks to Ryan's dad for that!) But we aren't talking about the trip home yet...so much to tell!

We got in on a Thursday afternoon and Kirby had pretty much our whole trip planned. She was such an awesome tour guide because she had seen almost everything so she could tell us the things we really needed to see and do. I will try to give a brief summary of everything but I am telling you we packed a lot of fun in 10 days so I apologize if I bore you because I might bore myself.

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, it is really large art museum we later went in and saw a bunch of art from the different time periods. It is like the Louv of Barcelona with tons of Picasso's stuff.

This is the view from Montjuic Castle up on a hill over looking a smoggy Barcelona
After we went through the museum of art we watched all the fountains and waterfalls turn on and saw the Magic Fountain water show.

After our hike to church on Sunday we went to the Labyrinth Park. There we did the maze and had a picnic. Don't worry that I thought Labyrinth wasn't English and I didn't know it meant maze. I'm blond I know! For those of you who didn't know either I'm glad we all have learned something new.

The Fish and Smart Family in front of this cool fountain
Gaudi's Parc Guell - at this point are favorite of the trip. Such a huge park and amazing architecture

Anyone recognize this tunnel from ANTM with Caridee? Align Center

We almost got in trouble for this shot. It was all blocked off, but Scott was quick enough to snap it before security came over.

This was Gaudi's house for 20 years here at the Parc Guell. Too bad it's dark because I love this picture.

La Sagrada Familia - Gaudi's most famous work. They started building this in 1882 and it is still not done. I guess the inside is supposed to be completed in 2010 but the exterior not until 2020!!! This was our next favorite thing.

Stairwell in the Sargrada. I was scared.

Barcelona's Arc de Triomf
This was our sleeping arrangement. Scott and Kirby have the two twin beds pushed together and we slept on the futon about a foot away and Camryn in her pack and play right next to that. It actually was not bad at all. We had considered getting a hotel at least one night but we opted not to since we were pleasantly surprised how well we were sleeping. Besides the nights that Scott and Ryan snored, Kirby and Scott yelled things in their sleep and Camryn fusing it was very cozy and comfortable.

Ryan and I decided to take a day trip outside Barcelona to Montserrat. We took a train there and then rode in a yellow cable car to get to the Monastery.

In front of the Monastrey
The Black Virgin Mary that was found in these Mountains. She was craved from wood and has gotten darker over time. You are supposed to touch her orb for her blessings but she is now covered by glass.

On a hike to see the Sacred Cove where the Black Virgin was found. So amazing how high up this was and to think how people got up there and built all this.
Enjoying the sunshine on our second to last day. Unfortunately we had to see a lot of very unattractive women with their tops off! Sick. Needless to say we didn't stay too long. But a very cool view of the coast line which is not far from the Fish's apt. Speaking of fish that gold fish in background is pretty cool it is just a little area leading to the beach.

Kirby and I in front of another cool part of the city. I loved all these sailboats and the buildings in the background. This is where a monument of Columbus is pointing which way to America. Too bad it was the wrong way and they had to come back to Spain.

This was Ryan's favorite thing to do on the trip with Camryn. It was her naughty spot. Anytime she was fussy he would put her on this high shelf and she would would think it was so funny.

Enjoying a waffle for dessert after eating Sushi one night (yes, the sushi was very good). This was one of the highlights of the trip that we had to go back the next night to have another. You have never tasted something this good. It doesn't even taste like a waffle. It is heaven. Kirby lived in Belgium when she was little and said that these were like the waffles from there. You can eat them plain and still amazing, but ours had chocolate and whipped cream.

Our last day we took a day trip with the Fish's to Tossa de Mar. It was such a beautiful day and we are so glad we chose to come here because Kirby and Scott hadn't been here before but had heard good things about it. It was worth the 1 1/2 hour bus ride.

This is a old castle the Moor's built way back when and there are a bunch of other quant cottages and houses back in there. So pretty. The water was so blue and this area was our last favorite it reminded me of what the streets in Italy/England would be like. We walked through the houses, ate amazing chocolate croissants the way the French make them, had pizza for lunch and went on a short hike to see more gorgeous views.

Don't you just love how Camryn is smiling with her whole body in this picture. She was obsessed with the Bjorn. She was quite the trooper; she was in that thing for at least 8 hours a day. Luckily we were able to switch off and Scott even wore her a few times (They have a really cute picture. once I get it I will post it). There a bagillion more pictures of more stuff and things we did, so go to Facebook to see all of them there and we are waiting on some from Scott and Kirby. However, for now let's just say we had an amazing trip! I would have never thought Spain would be so cool. It was definitely not on my top 10 but after being there it far exceeded my expectations. A HUGE thanks to Scott and Kirby and the Mumford's (their roommates) for putting up with us. We ate some great food, saw great stuff and made great memories!


Amy said...

Wow! Are you the first Motley to go to Europe? I was thinking that maybe you were the first to go overseas but then I remembered Nikki going to South Africa. I'm so jealous of your trip. I applaud your braveness (having a new baby and all). I'm glad she did so well, that had to have made the trip all the better. I had to laugh when I saw the tunnel. I was thinking to myself "hey that looks like the ANTM tunnel" (my favorite runway show of all time BTW) and then I saw the caption. What a great experience!

Kathy said...

Wow, that looks like an amazing trip! You guys are so brave to go to Europe with a baby and it looks like it turned out great! I love all the pictures!

Nikki, Cody, and Tessa said...

Clever little blog post title. Clever. I loved seeing your pictures, I recognized a lot of them from my time in Spain. So fun, I am way jealous! I am trying to get Cody to go to Europe with me one day....maybe these pictures of you guys and hearing about your good experience will convince him!!! Glad you're back safe on our soil! See you guys soon!

Karen M. said...

What a great post! I love the Carmen San Diego reference. That was kind of a fun show way back when. So how could we be bored? Those were amazing pictures! I can't wait to see all of the pictures. What a great experience for you both! It is too bad that Camryn won't remember it but she's learned how to be a good "traveling" sport. It's funny that she's been farther than me! Chris and Lindsay went to England and France, remember that? Thanks for sharing!

Chase and Nichole said...

So I have totally been checking your blog to see when you would post about your trip. Looks like it was amazing! Spain is beautiful!
Can't wait to go one day. ANd I really can't believe how great Camryn was for you! I am amazed! What a good little baby, Brielle would NEVER do that well. Guess you never know til you try... our first trip with her won't be until August! Camryn is a lucky little one!Glad you guys had so much fun

nikki said...

Wow! What an awesome trip. Gorgeous pics of all those gorgeous places. Let's just say that I am super, super jealous but am so happy that you were able to experience it with your little family.

So great that Camryn did so well! She will likely always be an easy-going girl, which is a way awesome trait. I want to go some place cool!!!

Brittany and Derek said...

I love all the pictures and the play by play. Hopefully Ryan's spanish kicked in while you were there:) Also glad to know that other people wore the bijorn too b/c otherwise you would've had one sore back! p.s. love your haircut!

Carrie said...

Bore me, are you kidding? Knowing you got back in town on Sunday, i've been antsy for an update...trying to be patient with your body clock and so much to post about!

I am super jealous...my whole life I've wanted to travel across the pond! Someday...

Your pictures are gorgeous. What an awesome treat to get to go on such an adventure together! Glad you guys got to go and Camryn was such a good sport. She looks perfectly happy in every picture (and adorable). So sad she won't remember! At least you will!

p.s. you can probably lighten up the darker picture at picnik.com ...
i can try to do some to it if you email it to me.

The Yardley's said...

its amazing how JEALOUS i am right now... great post!

Brenda said...

Cleaver title Ry-gy. I have to say (as the grandma)that one of my favorite pictures was the "naughty spot". I guess you have a "spot" as an infant and then graduate to the time-out "chair" as a toddler. The post was terrific, beautiful place and beautiful people. Loved it....love you!

abbie said...

ok camryn is so cute stuffed into that little bjorn! olivia is over it so i am jealous you can carry her around in it still. looks like spain was a lot of fun.. i've always wondered if it would be worth a trip on it's own.. looks like it was!

The Davenports said...

Wow! Your trip looks like so much fun. Thats great that Camryn was so good for you guys, I still need to meet her. And we need to be friends on Facebook so I can see the rest of your pictures!!!

Tolly and Lennon said...

I'm so glad you guys took this trip! What a great memory and even Camryn got to enjoy some international sites. Great pictures!

Ummmmm, most importantly -- I need to know where you got your shirt?? The navy blue one with yellow flowers?? I have hope that someday this gigantic belly will wittle away and I can wear normal clothes again...please share...

lauren ann said...

J.E.A.L.O.U.S.... looks amazing. Looks like an awesome trip.

Erin and James said...

what a fabulous trip! I am so jealous, the pics are gorgeous, but I'm sure don't do it justice! So fun that you took Camryn with you, even if she wont be able to remember it, the pics will be great! She is getting so big! I cant believe she sits up and holds her own bottle now!