Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nor-Cal...Don't you hate when people call it that!

For Christmas my parents got Ryan and I gift cards to Southwest Airlines. So after a couple months of of not seeing them I decided to take a trip up north. I love going home. There is just something about how well your parents take care of you that just can't be duplicated. When my dad picked me up he arrived with Boudin's Sourdough bread! My favorite (although I discovered it gave me a stomach ache each time I had sad, but still worth it)! My mom played hookie from school and we were able to have fun girl time doing pilates, shopping and of course playing with Camryn. My parents, Camryn and I went down to San Franisco on Saturday. We went to the opposite side of the city near the Golden Gate Bridge and discovered the coolest area.

Such amazing views from up there. That is the city on the right and Alcatraz on the left.

Mom and Me overlooking the other side of the bay. We had never seen this side before and it has the cutest lighthouse and black beaches.

After we ate a delicious lunch on the water in Saucilito (a cool little city on the other side of the bay) we ventured on the other side of the bridge and checked out China Beach and some other trails. It was supposed to rain that day but the weather turned out great! This is us again at China Beach. Isn't my mom cute?

This was Camryn's position pretty much the whole day. She was such a good sport!

Gotta love when the tulips and daffodils are in bloom!

We then went over to Fisherman's wharf and walked around, saw the sea lions, had waffle cones and of course more Boudin's! I love that my parent's our so close to SF!

Also while we were there, Camryn had her first big girl bath. As you can tell she loves it! I am excited because now she can take a bath anywhere.

Camryn with cousin's Sean and Ryan

It is so nice going up to see them for many reasons but especially nice that my brother and his family live so close by so I am able to visit with them as well! These boys are the cutest and so good with Camryn! (My dad has the picture with Kyle) It was great seeing these guys, going to the park and getting to catch up with my bro Scott and SIL Carrie. I had such a great visit, it was so fun to have a change of scenery and most of all getting to spend time with my family.


Jenny and Wyatt Dannels said...

Looks like such a fun trip! And yes..I can't stand when people call it Nor Cal and So Cal. It drives me nuts! Camryn is adorable. I love allher hair. You have such a cute family. I love your mom too..She is so sweet.

The Wadman's said...

I thought I saw you at stake conference. Actually, at first I saw Camryn and thought to myself that she looked so familar and I was trying to figure out why... I would have loved to talk to you but it was in the middle of a talk and probably not the best time for me to leave my seat and visit you. :)

Carrie said...

We were so glad you came and that we got to enjoy you too! Do you still love us even though Camryn got her cousin's cough? How is she doing? I've been nervous about her with all of your travel plans!
Your SF day is awesome. Jealous! I can't wait to go to the Sausolito side of the bridge! My favorite places to go in SF are China beach and the old docks by the bridge in the bay.
I love Camryn's bath pic. Hilarious!

nikki said...

Look at her in her bath!! That has got to be one of the best pictures of Camryn I've seen.

So jealous of your great visit! We do have the best parentals that totally know how to take care of us. Can't wait to get our kids together too!

Yeah - what's up with So Cal/Nor Cal? It's all good.

Amy said...

I totally laughed at little Camryn in the bath!! That is so cute! So jealous of your fun trip. I wish it only took me an hour flight home. Not fair. Can't wait till we all hook up in Nor Cal!

Kathy said...

Fun, I agree, going home is the best. Congrats on Camryn taking a big girl bath. :)

Erin and James said...

what a fun trip! she is getting so big! she is adorable!

Brittany and Derek said...

Such a fun trip- and I'm jealous that you got to play around San Francisco! I loved Sausalito and took my parents there too! Camryn is so cute and is definitely going to be a waterbaby! Let's try to get together this week maybe??

The Davenports said...

I LOVE Boudins too! That bread is to die for! Camryn's face in the bath is priceless!

Karen M. said...

I'm glad you journaled about our fun weekend. It was so great to have you and Camryn at our house. She has such a fun personality and was such a good sport about being carted around everywhere. Give her a big squeeze from me cuz I miss her!

Chase and Nichole said...

FUN! I miss SF, I can't wait to go again one day. So is it totally crazy flying with Camryn all alone? I want to go home to Modesto but freak out about flying with Brielle alone and having to take all her stuff with me! I am so sad it did not work out for us to see each other last weekend. Maybe next time... :)