Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Last Weeks Adventures

We had a fun week around Atlanta. Sunday we went to Red Top Mountain and threw rocks in the lake. It was a little too cold but we layered up and lasted a good hour. 

Reagan could have stayed all day throwing anything she could find in the lake.

Love this picture I captured of Camryn. Hard to get pictures of what we think she looks like but when you do-there is nothing I love more.
Cold Ryan in the background-he is a baby in the cold.
The girls found a fallen tree and had fun balancing. Camryn was pretty good.

This girl is one with nature. 

The next day Camryn was outside playing in the rain and Reagan wanted up to see. She looks so little here to me.
Then she got in the the action. I think after being cooped up for so long they finally didn't care about the rain and still went outside. Not me though-except when I had to run after Reagan because she ran away to the park while I was in the bathroom. That girl has become a darter and a runner.
And this one still a cleaner and organizer who was trying to take care of the leaf issue.
Tuesday we did the free Children's Museum. The girls had fun but I am not sure I did. I was constantly chasing after Reagan and then couldn't stay with Camryn so she would have to follow us or stay in one spot. Luckily she could have done this the whole time while Reagan was running every which way. The few times she stopped were to milk the "Boo" as she calls cows. 

Wednesday we went to the local aquatic center and went SWIMMING! I was so excited when I found out their were open swims and only cost $4. The air outside the pool was freezing but the water felt amazing. It was so fun to do something so different than what the winter calls for. However, Reagan couldn't stay in the pool. She loves her independence of getting in and out so because of that we were both cold. 
Notice her blue lips. 
Camryn was getting brave. We have got to get her swimming by summer.
Cutest loving sisters. Love when they are so happy together!


Brenda said...

That last picture melts my heart.

Karen M. said...

I don't know how I missed this one! So fun to see the extended version of all that you've been doing. Love the adventures you help create for them. So great that you relish the differences between your girls