Friday, November 2, 2012

Girl Heaven

For Camryn's Birthday I planned to take her on a momma date! And then when it came time to do it she didn't want to go and the spa we were going to was booked. Of course. So we planned for this past Saturday and she was so excited and I was excited to have some one on one with my oldest!
We headed to the Dazzling Diva Spa-she was in heaven the moment we stepped in. She was a little nervous as I wasn't doing it with her-it was all for her but she ended up doing fine as long as I stayed close. 
She loved all the pampering and just kept saying I haven't ever done this before. 
 She even tried talking to the lady doing her nails-"This is my first time here" she said and the lady wasn't listening. Poor thing she really is an adult just trapped inside her 4 year body. 
 Such a natural-she couldn't wipe the smile off her face. She got two colors on her toes and two different colors on her hands and then all with glitter on top. She can't help herself.

Next up was a make up application-she asked after why do they only do eye shadow? Probably because that is "age appropriate"-she wanted the whole gam-it! Beforehand they give facials with cucumber and a chocolate mask but after seeing the pictures she didn't want to do that-too messy and ugly was my guess.
Then she got to pick out a bunch of dress ups in their shop and she just stood and stared. She was supposed to do a fashion show with some other girls to music and lights out on a runway. But sadly, she got embarrassed and wanted to take off what she had on after 5 mins. If this were at home though that would be a different story-or if I did it with her. 
Needless to say-she had a great time and it was fun spoiling such a sweet girl!

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Brenda said...

Each picture tells the story perfectly. The last shot cracks me up. DIVA!