Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Last And Final Disney Post

Had enough? We'll me too...this is the last one. I am kinda sad though, my girls do so well here.  It was so nice to get out of the house to do something all day with my no nap girl. The first of my last trips was with my brother Chris and his family. Here Camryn is with her two cute cousins. Love that they are so close in age and enjoy the same things.

Hudson, Georgia, Camryn with Aurora

The only picture we got together. Hudson was way too into his new toy and Camryn wouldn't have anything to do with the camera. It was so fun to spend a day with this guy before their big move to the east coast. Luckily with our move we'll still see them quite a bit.
This is us on the monorail the last time into the park to meet my sister Amy, her kids and my grandma and her good friend.
My grandma Marilyn getting a picture of "the princess"-doesn't look to happy. She was sick of waiting for the princesses to come out. 
Happy again
And I was happy we finally got to have a picture of us girls on our last day there. Such a fun experience to have passes to go as often as you want and stay just for a little while. We sure are going to miss it! It was great ending it with such good family.

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