Monday, February 6, 2012

Day to Day Stuff

We got to help throw a surprise 30th Birthday party for our good friend Lauren! We are going to miss these friends so much!
I was in charge of the cake. It was so fun to do and loved making the miniature banner. 
I took Camryn to her first dentist appt! And she did great. A perfect patient and no cavities! We were both happy about that. She just kept telling me I'll just tell the dentist I don't need shots in my teeth today. Apparently she didn't understand the scare tactic against not eating candy. 
While cleaning in the garage I set up this chair Grandma Brenda gave to us. And I was so happy to see that Reagan could sit in it that they were actually getting along!
Camryn's a bit obsessed with the mirror and just discovered how fun the front seat can be. She can entertain herself while I fed Reagan after picking up shoes in LA.
 I guess this is just the beginning of wanting earrings. She found these sticker ones and insisted on having them. How could you say no to that face?
Or this one! Although I would love if she would actually eat the food rather than spit it right back out. Guess we'll be waiting a little bit longer and then try again.


Carrie said...

Alrighty...NO FAIR that Camryn will sit for the dentist! AND she has no cavities! Kyle has lots of big ones that I can looks horrible..and he wouldn't even sit in the dentist chair. And so they are referring us to have him put under which is gobbs of money! Dang!

On other notes...the girls are so fun! love them!

v a n e s s a said...

your girls are too much, i love them! and i've heard a lot of babies aren't ready for solids until 6 months or even later. i'm sure she'll love it when she gets the hang of it. such a darling girl. and good job on the party - after that and ryan's 30th you could be a party planner.

Karen M. said...

Your cake turned out so cute! Good job on the trip to the dentist-I'm impressed with no cavities! I'm now convinced its all about genetics and not what you eat.

Rachel said...

P.S. Erica, I pinned a photo of your cake on Pinterest (giving you credit, of course) and it went crazy! It got pinned all over the place! You're such a trend starter :)

lauren ann said...

Oh man... you guys really are the best. Thanks for making my day a special one and for the incredible cake that I literally ate for days. Love you guys, and love those little girls.