Friday, February 3, 2012

The Great Park

With our move on the horizon I am trying to take advantage of everything to do in Orange County. Then we will be in San Diego for a month and I will do the same there. Trying to make the most of everyday. I finally brought my camera out instead of my ghetto phone and I think I got some good pictures. 
 Riding the Carousal over and over bring a smile to this girl's face.
 Then we waited for our turn to go up on the big balloon. We tried once before to go but it was too full. Camryn was all about it and I was a little scared. I hate heights. But if it is free I will pretty much try anything. 
 The view from the top. I am sure on a clear day you can see the ocean, but we could only see as far as the buildings in Newport. 400 feet was high, but I have to say I was ok and Camryn thought she was on a ride a Disneyland!


v a n e s s a said...

i'm not even afraid of heights but when i went on that thing it made me a little fluttery looking down. way to take advantage of free fun things before you go. great pictures too!

Karen M. said...

I would be scared too!