Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Years Beach Weekend

Makes perfect sense to have an 80 degree weekend the first week in January, right? Well we love it. This is why we pay extra to live in Southern CA. Friday and Saturday we spent in San Diego and stayed at Ryan's parents while they were in Utah. We got to eat out with some of our best friends and just enjoy being outside all day.
 We love being able to actually sit in a backyard-or in the case the front yard to get sun.
 Sunday we had early church-so happy about this change, so we headed to our closest beach Aliso. We did the tide pools and watch the crazy skim boarders. 
I am in love with this picture
Then Monday we decided we needed to do the beach again but in our swimsuits instead. We did the Dana Point Harbor beach "baby beach" with more great friends. I will now will only go to this beach with my kids. No waves makes Camryn so happy and therefore us happy. And this was the first time using the tent/pod for Reagan. It has been passed down through the family and I am so happy to have it! Reagan love her little house. Then after hit up our community hot tub so Reagan could actually get in a swimsuit. She loved it to say the least. So glad we were able to take advantage of such a beautiful weekend. Who knows how many we will have left before we hit the dirty South!


MediocreMama said...

Before you hit the dirty south? Are you moving???

Karen M. said...

I love that picture of Reagan connecting with her daddy too-plus the swimsuit one! Looks so fun-why am I freezing here?

Amy said...

Yeah, and yesterday it was 84*. It's crazy!! Crazy doesn't mean I don't love it :) Love the picture of daddy and baby.