Thursday, January 19, 2012

All Reagan

This little baby is so sweet and getting to be so fun! She sure is wrapped around my finger!
 And her dad's too 
 We are just now trying the no swaddle and this is what I found when I checked in on sweet.
 Today Camryn fell asleep in the car right before we got to Target, so Reagan and had a little playtime in the front seat. 
 And she soon found my drink :) She lights up just like me when she sees my big blue cup. Not staged and don't worry she didn't get anything! 
And tonight we tried a little rice cereal. The end result. She did much better than Camryn-let's hope it continues to be that way. And below is a few videos of her laughing-too bad it got cut off when she really started going, eating her cereal tonight and just her talking-which is more of a high pitched squeal. 
We sure love this little Reagie face and our so happy she makes our family of 4 what it is today!
**sorry about the quality-all from our phones**


Brenda said...

Reagan has me wrapped around her little finger as well. She has the sweetest temperament. Camryn is really getting to be a fun big sister now that she feels that she is in charge of feeding Reagan and making her laugh. Fortunately I saw the full video version. She was laughing so hard that it made me laugh. Infectious

Karen M. said...

I can't tell you how much I loved this post and getting to see this little cutie laugh, get tickled and eat her first meal. If for no other reason than to make your mother happy, you must continue to blog!