Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas in Granite Bay

We went to Granite Bay this year for Christmas to spend with my side of the family. We debated whether to spend our own Christmas together and come up later, but I am so glad we spent Christmas all together. It was great to spend time with my brother Chris' family, especially since they are moving to DC at the end of the month. Sadly we missed my sisters Amy and Nikki's families. This is a major picture overload but I have to put them all on to document such a great trip. 
Polar Express-freezing train ride in Folsom-yes Ryan is on the phone with work, so important.
 Camryn loving her cousin Hudson-these two were so cute together
 As kids we would always go see the lights at Dovewood Ct. Now their is a huge crowd. But we still braved the cold to see all the cool houses. All the cousins(in town that is).
 With my beautiful momma
 Love this picture of Daddy and Camryn
 My brother Scott and his youngest Cade.
 I got to stay in the car with my dad and Reagan, she loved the lights
 Making ornaments with Grandma and cousins
 Putting out the luminaries-love this tradition
 Making treats with Grandma
 Ryan loved holding Reagan any chance he got, made him feel so old. Can't believe he is one of the oldest now.
 All the cousins and second cousins with my dad's mom-Granny
 Reenactment of The Nativity
 Baby Jesus
 Camryn wouldn't be Mary so I had to step in-still wish Camryn were in these pictures
 Walking around on Christmas Eve to see the Lumanaries

 Ellie the Elf brought the girls jamies to say goodbye 

 After Santa came-so magical
 Grandpa and Reagan
 Her Princess Suitcase she asked Santa for
 Her "Clara" nightgown that my mom made for her-she is beyond obsessed. She at first would only wear it as a costume and play Clara in the Nutcracker. Now she loves to wear it to bed.
 Christmas Baby
 Our Christmas Feast
Date with my hubs-Mission Impossible 3-Never been more nervous in a movie in my life and not because we left our kids at home with Grandma.
Moms doing daughter's hair
 I always loved when my mom did my hair and I still do. So wish I could do this on myself.
Thanks Mom and Dad for such a great and memorable Christmas. We had such a good time with our family. Makes me so sad to know that we won't have family in close distance much longer.


Karen M. said...

So fun to see all the pictures and document some of the fun things we did. I didn't even know you were taking pictures! Loved having you all here-sure made our Christmas extra special!

Amy said...

What a great Christmas trip!! You guys did it all! All the same fun traditions. Love it. Love your pictures!